Friday, November 27, 2009

New Moon and TMI in the Car

I am so grateful to have two wonderful boys. I know it has been three years since I've last shared any Babaloo tidbits about my boys... but here we go. So, last time I posted, er besides the post from the other day (It's still here), the boys were 11 and 8. Well flip that and add a few years and you now get 11 and 14. Jake is in 6th grade and Alex is a freshmen in high school. Yeah, let that resonate for a minute or two. High-Frickin-School. Gah.
Anyway. So today they accompanied their mom to the movies to see New Moon. Yes, like a lot of moms out there, I'm a fan. Read the books, saw the first movie and couldn't wait to see the current one. I'm sure there is a word or a term out there for me. Probably a twelve-step program and support group too. I will totally own that. I liked the books. I like the movies. I am not ashamed.
They (the boys), on the other hand, are not into the whole Twilight / New Moon saga/series/phenomenon. When I brought home the Twilight DVD home to watch last year they couldn't have cared less. Alex even made the face and complained how all the girls at school were "sooooo" into that movie and that he wasn't going to watch it on principal. However, I pointed out that it might be to his benefit to be in "the know" about the things that the girls were into so he'd have something (besides himself) to talk to them about. Big mistake. He literally pulled out a notebook and pen and took notes. Remember what Bella ate for dinner at the Italian restaurant with Edward? Neither do I, but it is written somewhere in Alex's notes. Jacob was just not interested, even though I kept trying to impress him with the fact that there was a "Jacob" in the movie. Just didn't care. He was "team Jacob," but had no clue as to what that even meant. He went to wathc TV in the other room.
I knew it was going to take some finessing to get them to go with me to see this movie. So? I went strait to guilt. "Guess what?" I said to them a few months ago. "Ann said I could go with her and Emily (her daughter) to see New Moon when it comes out. "You don't have to do that, mom. I'll go with you." Alex said without skipping a beat. "Really?" "Yeah."
Yay! I was so excited. One down, one to go. Bribery is more up Jacob's aisle. So I prepared myself for heavy negotiation.
"Ugh," Jacob said. "I don't want to see that movie. Can't we see Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakquel?"
Omg. He had to be kidding me. The Squeakquel? They made a part 2? Why would they do that? I barely got out of going to the first one... now I had to get out of going to the second one, and worse, in the middle of a serious negotiation? This boy is getting good. He doesn't know it yet. But he's getting good.
Instead, I talked him down to taking him on Wednesday to see 2012 and a large popcorn. Alex had school and planned to see it with his friends anyway.
So, for those keeping score:
Alex = guilt, and the verbal acknowledgement that he would probably be asking for money to see 2012 at a later date with his friends.
Jacob = seeing 2012, large popcorn and the vague, deluded agreement (that I don't remember agreeing to) that seeing Alvin and the Chipmunks was in his Christmas vacation future (I have a few weeks to wiggle out of that one).
Babaloo = Seeing New Moon with her boys!
I went early to the mall and bought tickets for the 11:00am show. Did you know that movies at AMC theatres before noon are only $6? Score!
We got to the theatre about 15 minutes before the movie started and found seats at the top row, almost in the middle. Another Score!
We pulled out our contraband bottled waters, soda and Walgreen's candy. The previews started and I couldn't have been happier. The first three previews were of upcoming romantic comedies. I was slightly afraid of losing them at this point, but I glanced over and they were still there, though I'm sure I sensed a few inward groans. Alex got up once to go to the bathroom, but was back before the movie started.
The movie just flew by. So good. And? It was great seeing it with my kids. I was so grateful to spend the time with them. And the bribes and guilt? Slightly exaggerated. They probably still would have come. I was still marinating in the afterglow on the 5-minute drive home when it inevitably came to a screeching halt.
"Hey, you know when I went to the bathroom before?" Alex said to no one in particular.
"Yeah." Jacob responded, obviously sensing some good bathroom-conversation-while-mom-is- driving coming on.
"Well, it wouldn't come out."
Me: (hand over my face, shaking my head), "Groan."
The conversation progressed digressed from there. I won't go into details (you're welcome).
Let's just say that this always happens and that it always happens in the car. When I'm driving. And that I try to get mad and control the situation, but I end up laughing despite myself.
I call it TMI in the Car.
But the movie was good. Two Thumbs up. So? There's that. Sigh.

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's still here?

Wow. I can't believe it's still here. I thought Blogger would have deleted it for "non-use." So, I guess this is an appropriate time and place for a confession:

Forgive me blog for I have not updated. It has been almost 3 years since my last blog post.

Alright. Here is the short version. I changed jobs. My new boss mentioned (in the interview) that he (somehow, never got the full explanation) saw my blog. I was mortified at the time. Not sure why. That's not true. There are certain lines that I believe shouldn't be crossed. The boss shouldn't be reading about personal stories, excessive cussing in some cases or all out female/wifely/motherly venting as in other cases. However, that is the risk you take when you post stuff on the internet. It is perfectly reasonable that any employer (potential or otherwise) would have done some magical search and stumbled upon the Babalooooooooooooooooooo! blog. **sigh**

Anyway... (insert dramatic transitional theme music) skip ahead three years. I'm bored at home on the computer and (just as the boss did three years ago) stumbled across my blog! LOL! I had a blast reading through all the old posts. OMG! Did all that stuff really happen? I cracked myself up. Especially all the stories about my boys. Aaaaaah. Good times. Good times.

So, maybe I'll start writing posts again. I started another blog about a year ago that I update sporadically. It is called "Random Top Ten Lists." The link is here: It is just a top ten list about whatever I feel like making a top ten list about. Mostly quotes (I love those quotes!), but there are other things mixed in there as well. I'm also on Facebook (who isn't?). You can friend request me here:
I miss all the blog friends I used to follow. I seriously need to go through the old blogroll and see who is still out there posting.

How many Hail Bloggers do you think I need to absolve three years of absence?