Friday, May 27, 2011

Most Quotable Friday

Pain makes you stronger, tears make you braver, heartbreak makes you wiser, so thank the past for a better future.

Don’t waste your time looking back on what you’ve lost. Move on, for life is not meant to be traveled backwards.

I’m counting the past 2 hours lying on the couch not going to gym as resistance training.

Tough people aren’t born that way, they become that way when no one’s there to wipe their tears away.

This is your life, right now. It doesn’t wait for you to get back on your feet.

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who are wise and those who are otherwise.

Every morning I choose to move forward. I stop thinking too much about the past.

Whenever you feel like all the burdens are on your shoulder, remember one thing: You're not alone. You're not the only one.

"You know what the difference about winners and losers? Winners don't give up." -Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

1 tree can make 100 matchsticks, but it takes 1 matchstick to burn 100 trees. So never underestimate the small things.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. Is it Thursday already? I am trying hard to forget that it is. The wound is still fresh.

2. Today should be a completely different day from the day that it actually is. But, because of that flukey, anti-climatic "whatever" double-overtime goal on Tuesday... it is not. Instead it is the day that it is, which is, not the day that it was supposed to be. At all.

3. Yesterday was Alex's last day of school. I just pray that he was able to get all his grades up and get passing grades. He seemed confident, but we have been down this road before. It also doesn't help that he was "absent from one or more classes" according to the school administration's recorded message. I hope for his sake he doesn't get a bill from the school district or district attorney's office for being truant.

4. Alex's team will start going hard on the training for Regionals. They leave on June 17th for Idaho. I hope he has learned from his mistakes in the past and goes into this trip with a clear head and with the correct sense of right and wrong.

5. As soon as he gets back it will be his birthday, a job interview at Great America and summer school. Somewhere in there we will need to go down to the DMV to get his permit. A lot of changes for this kid all happening at the same time. I hope he is ready to handle it.

6. Two more weeks until Julie's baby shower! Can't wait. I will be a little rushed, but I always feel so great after seeing my family. It should be wonderful. For the mind. For the soul.

7. I have been at my job for almost a year. It was my goal, hope and desire to be out of there before then. I need to get out of there. It is wearing on my heart. I know it is up to me and that I need to put myself out there or nothing is going to happen for me. I have to get out of this current spiral that I find myself in. Or is it the hole in the sidewalk that I keep falling in?

8. The end of Dancing with the Stars. The end of American Idol. The end of the Sharks. All within a 24 hour period. FML. What is there to look forward to? Nowhere to escape... hahahahaha!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Summary of early morning soul searching...

Each morning I wake up and have to face my critical self who evaluates, well, everything. What I did or didn't do positively the day before, what I ate, whether or not I worked out, what major issues are going on in my life that I am eventually going to have to deal with. Every morning is the same. Maybe a different soundtrack now and then, but always at the same speed and always with the feeling that half of my brain is trying to play catch-up.

This morning was no different. I woke up with despair and guilt because once again I didn't workout, I over-ate and sat around all night, I was short with my husband (instead of telling him what is on my mind), I drank, didn't brush my teeth and didn't wash my face. I had to keep turning off the clock radio, because I didn't want to hear anything about the Sharks. Unresolved issues with Jacob. Unresolved issues with Alex. The thing I can't bear to ask my husband about. Just like that, in a flash, I woke up to how much I suck and how much my life sucks and how I am trapped in this endless whirlwind of problems and dread. Just negative. Everything so hopeless and dark.

Eventually the vitriol in my head slows down and my common sense is able to get a word in edge-wise. Is this the week before my period? Yes. Okay, so this won't last forever... check. This morning I pushed a little just to get something to change. I'm so tired of the negative tape playing over and over in my head. So, I asked myself. Why can't I put in a tape from someone who likes me and listen to that? Who likes me? Alex and Jacob like me (most of the time). Sergio likes me. Juan likes me. Brooke likes me. Victoria and Jennifer like me. Auntie Sue likes me. Julie Sue likes me. That's a start. If I could visualize an audio from one of those people playing in my head that could make a huge difference.

My thoughts drifted a little after that, but I did have one other revelation. The Sharks. Facing an elimination game tonight in Vancouver, down 3-1 in the series. The suffering. I compared myself to the Sharks, pointing out that, like them, I have all the right pieces in place to be a happy, successful individual. But something always holds me back. Something won't let me move forward to that next level. That part of me that just accepts the barrier as impenetrable and puts my head down in defeat. I need to find that intangible "thing" and re-shape it. Mold into something that can help me. Something that can keep my faith strong, make my will an entity to be reckoned with and my peace of mind an anomaly, the likes of which has never been seen before.

I know what I need to do. But know I cannot do it alone. This means reaching out. Another wall for me to climb. Trusting my fragility to others. Opening myself up. Giving. Did you know that the mighty Redwood trees have roots that are only 5 feet or so underground? How do they stand up? How do they not fall down and topple each other? It is because they connect their roots to other Redwood trees. None of them stand alone. Their roots form an underground network that help each other to stand tall. Amazing right?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Roundup

The Good, The Bad and The "Oh no. Not again"

Well, once again the weekend starts out good, followed by some rest and relaxation and then came to a painful, eye opening, grinding halt of pain, anguish and heartbreak. *sigh* Yes, I'm talking about the Sharks.

I left work on Friday not really having any hope for the Sharks. They looked thoroughly out-played and out-coached by the Vancouver Canucks. The magic was gone. The reality had set in. But, being a loyal fan I trooped home to watch the game. On the way to the parking garage I heard some loud noises and "whoo-hooing" going on from a crowd over at the Old Wagon Wheel Saloon. I glimpsed over and wouldn't you know it, the place was infested with blue Vancouver Canuck jerseys. Then as I was driving down Market to turn left on Santa Clara, they were coming from everywhere. Like little blue bugs. That, was not a good sign.
I went home and decided to go workout before the game. I really needed to burn off some frustration, as well as the huge sandwich I ate for lunch. I came home just in time for the game and we watched the Sharks show some life and win the game 4-3. Unfortunately, that would be as far as they got.
Saturday was good. I went on a bike ride up Mt. Pleasant Road and did a whole bunch of clean up in the front yard. I did some laundry, did some driving lessons with Alex and went grocery shopping. I also heard from Byron. He is going to help Alex get a job at Great America once he turns 16. All he has to do is call him and the job is his! What a nice guy. I hope I can return the favor some day.
Sunday, I got up early before Juan left and got his shirts ready for him. After he left I finished folding ALL the laundry and put everything away. Before the game I swept and mopped the floors and cleaned up the kitchen. Ugh. Then, the game. I could tell from the start they didn't have any sense of urgency. They were slow and couldn't convert on any of the 5 power plays that the Canucks gave them. That is always a bad sign. They ended up losing 4-2. Now back to Vancouver down 3-1. Not good. Not good at all. Now every game is an elimination game. I hate this part of the playoffs. The part where I have to admit defeat. Have to accept that, once again, this isn't their year. That all the haters were right. Sharks choke again. I HATE IT! HATE IT. HATE EVERYONE. HATE EVERYTHING. Why? Why can't they just do what they are destined to do? Why do we have to go through this? Why, when this is the only positive thing in my life right now that makes me happy? That I can look forward to? Why?

On another note. Juan had a suspicious prescription he asked me to pick up for him. I researched it online and I do not like what I read. I hate my life right now. Seriously. Hate. My. Fucking. Life.
I seriously woke up this morning and had to tell myself to live each moment hour to hour. Plan the next our of my life only. Let go. Let God. Focus on what is right in front of me. Because if I look around I will get dizzy, lose my balance and fall into the abyss.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Book Review - The Apothecary's Daughter

The Apothecary's Daughter
by Julie Klassen

The Apothecary's Daughter, the second novel written by Julie Klassen, was at times delightful and intriguing. At other times I found it slightly too melodramatic and inconsistent.
The main character is Lilly, who we learn lives with her father and younger brother. Lilly is extremely intelligent and has a photographic memory. When Lilly was 15 her mother left her family never to be heard from again. Three years later, She still goes down to the dock area of her village to search incoming boats for a glimpse of her mother's face. Lilly helps her father in his Apothecary shop and is very learned in the ways of Apothecary and helping people with their miscellaneous conditions. Lilly and her father get an unexpected visit from her aunt and uncle (Lilly's mother's brother and his wife) from London who have come to inquire about taking Charlie to live with them as her uncle has no heir and wishes to find one in Charlie. They are disappointed when the meet Charlie to find that he is mildly autistic. They both agree that he will not make a suitable heir. To Lilly's surprise they invite her, instead, to move to London with them so they take her under their wing and give her a proper education and introduce her into society.
For me, the romantic part of the story is strongly lacking. Lilly has no romantic feelings and shows no interest in any of the possible "suitors" or other male characters in the story. There is no sexual tension or signs of attraction with anyone in the novel and it leaves readers wondering just what is going on there. There were also some inconsistencies in the narration that bothered me. The story is told from the heroine, Lilly's, perspective. However, at two different times during the novel the point of view switches to one of her suitors, for no apparent reason. The switch offered no additional insight into the minds of the men nor did it add anything to the story. I really believe Klassen could have stuck with the story as it was through Lilly's eyes throughout, to make the storyline more consistent. It was obvious how several of the male character felt about her but it wasn't until the very end of the novel that Lilly makes any declaration (verbally or in her thoughts) of romantic love for anyone... and honestly it left me a bit confused. I think it was necessary to introduce some tension or something a little sooner in the story in order to build the anticipation up for the readers.
On a positive note I really liked the part of the story about Lilly's passion and knowledge of Apothecary and of her father's work. I liked Klassen's village that she created for this novel and the loving way the village seemed to look after Charlie. Lilly's morals and virtue were be applauded as well as her loyalty and dedication to family and what she believed in. These were the things that kept me interested in the book.
While I enjoyed the novel, I was irked by certain narrative inconsistencies, unnecessary melodramatic plot twists and the ending where she was all of the sudden satisfied and happy with working in the neighborhood cafe instead of remaining involved with Apothecary.
I liked the novel enough to look at another of the author's books in hopes that some of these issues solve themselves in the writing. But, until then...
~Peace and Good Reads~

Friday, May 20, 2011

Most Quotable Friday

Grabs from my Twitter feed:

Convincing yourself that you don’t give a f**k anymore, is one of the hardest things you can ever do.

True laziness is being excited when plans get canceled.

I just don’t have enough middle fingers for today.

The worst part about being lied to is knowing you weren’t worth the truth.

Don’t depend on anyone, because even your shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness.

The truth is pretty hard to swallow when you’re choking on your pride.

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get ran over if you just sit there.

Sarcasm is the body’s natural defense against Stupidness.

I wouldn’t have an Anger problem if you didn’t have a Stupid problem.

Cancel my subscription. I’m done with your issues.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. I'm not sure I feel like blurbing today. I apologize if it turns into more of a "Thursday Rant" or "Thursday Venting."

2. I am just sick. Sick from head to toe after last night's playoff game against Vancouver. They completely fell apart before my eyes. Down 2-0 in the series. I'm thinking I should call it right now. Time of Death: 5/18/2011, 7:35pm. There are no words. I was having dreams about headlines and articles that hadn't even been written yet. That queasiness that comes after a major loss. All the critics that come out of the woodwork. All the "I told you so's" and the shredding of their character, willingness to win and mental toughness. I can't stand it. Media blackout until further notice.

3. Juan and I have an appointment on Monday at Jacob's school to discuss the damages that he and his friend caused at the elementary school a few weeks ago. What they want to discuss is payment. I have no words for this either. Any money that I had saved for a hockey camp this summer is now going to go toward this.

4. I don't think Jacob will be able to tryout for hockey this summer. He still has D's and F's on his progress/report card. I don't know how to get through to him. Now the question is what am I going to do about him this summer?

5. I think I will look into what the YMCA has. They might have a young teen program. At least that should keep him out of trouble and out of the house all day.

6. I have been thinking about all the bridges I have burned. There are so many people that I feel like I need to avoid because of something I have done or because of something my kids have done. I don't like the feeling. I don't like what I have become. There is an uneasiness about me that has taken root. I really feel like a want a fresh start somewhere else. Somewhere where no one knows me.

7. I feel so negative all the time. An angerness has taken over and I am constantly pissed off. I'm angry at work. I'm angry driving my car. I'm angry at home. I need help. I am falling apart. I am letting it happen.

8. The sick feeling has not dissipated. Seems like it will linger all day. It is to much like last year. I think they ran out of comebacks. I don't know that they have it in them. It's not so much that they lost but how they made a circus out of it. Hockey Follies? No! Dammit! IT'S THE FUCKING STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS! PLAY LIKE CHAMPIONS OR GO HOME.

9. Sorry for the potty mouth.

10. I am going to go find a quiet place to cry now.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Roundup

The Eh, The Hmm and the Ugh.

Not nearly as much activity as last weekend... Thank goodness. Saturday was a lazy day. For me anyway. I got up early and took Alex to Saturday school. He is catching up on some English assignments and PE. I had every intention of going on a bike ride... but, no. I did not. Instead I stayed home and caught up on nearly all of my recorded shows. That is what I did all morning until it was time to pick up Alex. Even after I picked him up I still watched more TV until about 2pm. Juan called (he had to work at Olympus) and asked if I wanted to go to Costco, so I put a list together and we went there just after he came home.
I did get some cleaning done and most of the laundry. We rented a movie and watched most of it. Then kids watched all of it but I went to bed around 10:30.
Sunday we went to Jordan's soccer game in Sunnyvale. After the game we went to our favorite spot, El Caminito, for lunch. We always have a good time with Brooke and Jordan. I think it is something she needed... and I know I did. After lunch we headed home and Alex left with Juan for his scrimmage/training in Redwood City. Jacob and I watched the Sharks and they looked pretty good holding the lead for almost all of the game. They sort of fell apart in the third period and ended up losing the game 3-2. Another 1 goal game for them. It is to bad because they really need to steal one in Vancouver before coming back to San Jose for games 3 and 4. Marleau scored another "gutless" goal, but to no avail. They couldn't stop the storm from breaking through. Jacob and I learned some Swedish phrases. We are planning to bust them out on Alex during the game on Wednesday. I hope "vi poang" a lot on Wednesday...
So, apparently there were some issues with Blogger on Thursday and all my "Thursday Blurbs" disappeared.
They said they would restore everyone's posts that disappeared... but apparently they didn't make it over my way. Oh well. I guess I should save all my entries on Word before publishing. *Sigh*

Friday, May 13, 2011

History Gets It Done

Game 7 And How I Survived

Sharks won 3-2 and live to play another day. While I am left to check my composure, heart rate and mental stability.

Dan Boyle - Thank you for doing what I was asking the entire team to do: Just keep hitting, just keep hitting...

First of all? Let me just throw the word "epic" out there to marinate in your thoughts today. The Sharks go up 3-0 in the series. Then lose three strait to make the series even at 3-3. I'm not sure what I am more happy about today; what the Sharks did or what the Sharks didn't do. They didn't become the 4th team in the history of the NHL to lose a playoff series in seven games after winning the first three. They didn't choke and more admirably they didn't choke in front of the whole hockey world watching or while the media's giddy little fingers were itching (mouths salivating) to write all the choking analogies, cliches and story lines until they got their fill. No, there was no "Sharks choke again" buffet line. Thank the Hockey Gods for that. I have never been more grateful to Them. We are the only team in the final four that was there last year. So suck on that Doubters and Haters. You know who you are. And? By the way...

Patrick Marleau's game series winning goal was not gutless and not without heart. Neither was his staunch defense throughout the game. So suck on that JR. All the Marleau haters need to just stop. We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for him. Maybe he shines more in the regular season, but don't we need the regular season to make it to the post season? It is his style to play the way that he plays. I suspect he might even have a nagging injury, but it isn't to his heart. He has had my heart as a fan ever since he came into the league at 18 years old. His integrity and character speak volumes. I will always be a fan and I will never question his will to win. Never.
Off the soapbox. Last night was amazing. I still can't believe it. The headline leads you to believe that I will explain how I survived, but the truth is. I'm not sure that I did. Did you see the expression on Nemo's face after that last save off of Datsuk? When he took off his helmet and it looked like all the ugly possibilities of "what might have been" had he not swiped that shot out of the air flooded his brain? Then he sort of exhaled and his lips said "Fuuuuck." Yeah. That's how I survived. And even then, just barely. I'm afraid if I blink it might not be real. I love this quote from San Jose Mercury's Mark Purdy:
" ...but the Red Wings kept coming. In fact, even as they were going through the post-series handshake line at center ice, you were wondering if they might still come back and tie the game and send it into overtime."
I am so proud of these Sharks. On to Vancouver for the Conference Finals. Let's go get 'em. We're half way there (insert Bon Jovi music here... oooh oooh, livin' on a prayer).

Most Quotable Friday

Some more gems from my Twitter feed:

What we say about others is a perfect description of ourselves.

Twitter: Very efficient for cases of chronic boredom. Some side-effects are addiction, insomnia and lack of work.

Don’t worry about people from your past, there’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future.

Sometimes all you need in the end is someone who will hold you and say everything is alright.

Mostly, we only hear what we want to hear and only see what we want to see, until the reality hits.

No one can go back and make a brand new start, however anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

Never idealize others. They will never live up to your expectations.

You can love someone who can’t be loved, but you can’t trust someone who can’t be trusted.

The Truth hurts but it doesn’t kill. The Lie pleases but it doesn’t heal.

Sometimes life takes an unexpected wrong turn in the right direction.

In life, you can achieve nothing when you keep on dreaming without an action.

Sometimes the dreams that come true, are the dreams you never even knew you had.

Just because someone hurt you yesterday, doesn’t mean you should start living today in a fear of being hurt tomorrow.

Don’t listen to people that listen to the logic of the situation before their own instincts.

Some people create their own storms, and then complain about the rain.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1) I have basically poured out my entire heart and soul on here the past couple of days. I think I may be blurbed out. No? Well, okay then...

2) I am about to head into the truancy hearing with Alex at 11:00. The attendance lady at Mt. Pleasant told me that it is a minimum fine of $400. It should be so much fun having to explain all those unexcused absences he has and how I did nothing about it. Excellent parenting. Just excellent.

3) There haven't been many positive things to write about lately but I am going to try. Yesterday I got a phone call from Alex's English teacher. She talked to me about ways he could bring up his grade and she can in no way know how much I appreciated that phone call from her.

4) Also, Alex brought home a paper yesterday for a summer school program at Mt. Pleasant. He will be able to recover 10 credits if he passes both of the classes. This means he won't have to take a college class at Evergreen or one of the other community colleges. I am not sure how it happened because the summer programs have been axed out of the budget, but the paper said it received some type of grant to make this possible.

5) My job now will to be diligent with him and make sure he attends every class and completes every assignment. There are two sessions and he will only be able to attend the second. The first one is in late June when he will be in Boise. The second one starts after the July 4th holiday.

6) We received the official test results in the mail for Alex's CAHSEE scores. He passed both tests which are requirements in the state of California in order for high school students to graduate. This only proves my point that he can do this (thrive in school), he just chooses not to.

7) I still don't know what to do about Jacob. He needs to face consequences for what he and his friends did. Otherwise he is going to slip into the same pattern as Alex and think he can get away with things like this. With all that is going on I am praying for some guidance and meditating on what path I need to take with these boys. Because right now, Juan and I are at a loss.

8) Well, the fat lady is warming up and is about to sing tonight for either the Sharks or the Red Wings. Game 7. Do or Die. The Sharks find themselves in game 7 after winning the first three games of the series. Unbelievable reversal of fortunes for these teams. I am going to feel so awful for this team, for this city and for those players if they don't win this game. The media storm alone will consume them. Consume us. Consume me.

9) I know there is a message here somewhere. I have been so consumed with my inner and outer turmoil these last few weeks that I can't think strait. I decided this morning (after several deep breaths) to let go and let God. It is in His hands now. This situation is completely out of my control and stressing out about it will benefit no one.

10) I have gone with optimism and will make the bold statement: I BELIEVE.

11) This is also my Facebook Status

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Waves of 3

They say bad things happen in 3's. I made a list today of all the bad things that have happened to me in just the last 3-4 weeks (mostly in the last 2 weeks) and I counted 12.
Four waves of 3? Is that possible? Is my karma that bad? What can I do to get out of the middle of this storm?

Here is my list:
1) Dentist told me I need my front tooth removed (the root is cracked and will keep getting infected until eventually the tooth will fall out) and replaced with an implant. Total cost ~ $5,000
2) Patsy passed away
3) Met with Alex's coach who told us he found weed in Alex's backpack during state cup
4) Coach also said that some money was missing from the chaperone in Alex's hotel room (thus the reason everyone's backpacks were searched)
5) Received notification that Alex is not on target to graduate and is to attend a mandatory meeting to discuss continuation school
6) Received a notification in the mail from the D.A. that we are to attend a Truancy hearing because Alex has over 30 unexcused absences.
7) Sharks lose game 4
8) Nico got kidnapped
9) Spend $340 on tickets for game 5 and only got to see 5 minutes because of stupid drunk jackasses who were in the wrong seats
10) Sharks lose game 5
11) Get a call from police telling me they cited Jacob for burglary. Apparently the laptop he got from a "yard sale" was from Cedar Grove Elementary School. We have to wait for notice from the Juvenile system for when to appear. OMFG.
12) Sharks lose game 6

Yeah. I just re-read the list and I can't believe it either. Any of it. If anyone needs me I'll be the one in the corner, curled up in the fetal position begging for any kind of medication that will take me away to a calmer, saner place.

The Even Uglier

Part 4

Inside HP Pavilion
As I turned around to start going up the stairs back to our row I looked up and saw that EVERYONE in our area was standing up and then I saw movement followed by fists flying. A fight had broken out. OMG. Alex! I ran up the stairs as fast as I could. I was convinced that Jackass 1 and 2 were beating up Alex because he wouldn't move, or he said something to them, or because it was 2 against 1... OMG, omg, my brain was spinning as I raced up there. I got up there and immediately spotted Alex and Jacob, who were, thankfully not getting pummeled by either of the drunk Jackass brothers, moved over toward the side of the fight. The nice couple we were sitting with were telling me, "Get your kids, get your kids." I yelled for them to get out of there and come over to the aisle. I grabbed my purse and we tried to squeeze in with everyone else who fled to the safety of the aisle stairs. "Was this because of us?" I asked the nice couple. "No," they said. "This has been building since the beginning of the game."

When security came they asked who saw what happened and apparently it all happened right in front of Alex so he raised his hand and told them he saw the whole thing. They asked him to come down and talk to them. I started to follow and the security person told me "just him." "Uh uh," I said. "He is my son, He's a minor. I'm going with him." So? In the span of just under 2 hours, Alex and I were giving our second statement to the San Jose Police Department. *Sigh*

Jacob, who I thought was following us down to the concourse, decided to stay in his seat so he could watch the end of the game. Good for him. Someone should get some of the $340 worth out of the tickets I bought for this game.

The police officer asked me first what happened, so I told him my version leading up (about them being in the wrong seats, etc.) to the fight and then turned to Alex for him to explain because, at that point I had no idea what had happened. He said after I left, the girlfriend of Jackass 2 was looking at her tickets and realized that they were in the wrong seats after all and was trying to get her group to go find their real seats. They (the two females anyway) were standing up (a big no-no when the game is on) and when Detroit scored their goal, the guy that was sitting on the other side of the Jackass party got mad (because he missed the goal, because the group wouldn't sit down while the game was being played and/or because he was as drunk as the jackasses were...? who knows) and pushed one of the girls and she fell into the row below. Both Jackasses retaliated and started punching the guy who pushed the girlfriend. Ugh. Big mess.

Alex finished giving his statement and we were asked to stay nearby and not to return to our seats just yet. We (mostly me) were able to see bits of the game. At one point I glanced down from the door area leading to the lower bowl and saw Detroit score their fourth (and ultimately winning) goal. Of course they would blow a 3-1 lead just as we got there. Could this day get any worse?

We never did make it back to our seats. We waited for Jacob after the game and then eventually made it down to the bar to see Juan. We walked to the back table next to his area and sat down. He came over to ask how we were and I started to get emotional because of everything that had happened that day. It hit me all at once especially when I thought Alex was getting mauled by the jackass brothers... I was emotionally raw. Anyway, we explained everything to Juan and then again to Maria when she came over. I felt a little better after the two margaritas (drank in succession) that Juan made me and we ended up waiting for him to finish closing the bar. After that we went to a late dinner at Red Lobster. When we got home one of the officers from earlier in the day was waiting for us because he wanted to come in and get recorded statements from both Alex and I about the "dog-napping." We stayed up another hour giving our recorded statements and processing all the events of the day before finally being able to put an end to this horrible, horrible day.

The End

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Ugly and the Even Uglier

Part 3

So, the police officer told us that they were calling in some other officers and they had to wait for a "tool" as well. After that they would give the people inside one more chance to open the door before breaking it down. By this time several neighbors had wandered out and were wondering what was going on. Soon more police cars arrived. Then more. Then even more. At last count there were 12 police cars lined up on our street.

When they all finally arrived they gathered out on the sidewalk in front of Raul's house (on the corner, across the street from us). When they were ready to go, they all walked together down the street to approach the house. I told the boys to be prepared. "They might not find him in there," I said. "Or worse, they could have done something to him."

They had a pit bull, I had to assume the worst.

We couldn't see the rescue brigade officers actually break down the door since we were told to stay at our end of the street, but Alex was a little closer and he said he heard them go in. We waited for at least 10 minutes until finally two of the officers came out of the house, carrying Nico.
They started walking toward us. I wanted to run, but I didn't. I walked toward them and took Nico out of their arms... "Is this your dog?" one of them asked. "Yes, yes, thank you." I replied before I began kissing Nico and inspecting him for damage.

They took a picture of Nico and I gave them more information for their report before putting Nico safely in the house and feeding him his dinner.

"Let's go to the game," Alex said. "Yes, let's go." I said in agreement. I couldn't wait to get inside that bar and get a well deserved margarita. We took off for HP Pavilion to hopefully catch the end of the Sharks game. They were already winning 2-1.

The Even Uglier...

We got to the game during the second intermission. We were in our seats with 2-3 minutes to go before the start of the third period. As we settled in a few people sitting around us asked if we were sure that we were in the right seats because there had been people sitting in our seats before we arrived. I pulled out our tickets and showed them and they said, "okay good, because the people that were sitting there were cussing a lot and being very loud."

Oh boy.

The third period started and a few minutes into it Logan Couture scored and made it 3-1 Sharks! We were cheering and high-fiving and for a minute, the events of the last couple of hours had melted away. *Sigh* For the second time that day I should have quit and called it a day. Just packed it in, gone home and retired with a nice glass of wine. But, sadly, again I did not.

A few minutes later a couple came into our row and sat in the two empty seats next to Alex. "Hey bro, you guys are in the wrong seats, my brother is sitting there," The (jackass) guy said to Alex. I handed Alex our tickets so he could show them that we were in the right seats in the hopes of clearing up the situation amicably. He (jackass) just shrugged and said "Well my brother is coming and you are going to have to move." Really? What an ass. Right about that time Detroit scored and made the score 3-2. Ugh! And of course, right during that stoppage came jackass 2 with his girlfriend who came right into the row even though there were NO empty seats for them to sit in. Anywhere. In a sold out, crowded arena. Now let's just stop right here.
Because? What do you do when you are at an event and you return to your seats to find someone in them? Well the proper thing to do is to get an usher to help you out. The usher can look at the at the tickets and sort out where everyone should be seated.
Anyway, Jackass 2 strides right over to Jackass 1 and tells Alex "You better go sit on someone's lap because you are sitting in my seat." Alex looks at me and I, again, hand him the tickets to show the guy that we are where we are supposed to be. Jackass 2 didn't seem to care to much and didn't want to deal with it. His girlfriend pulled out her tickets and began looking at them. Meanwhile, Alex got out of his seat and was crouching on the floor next to Jacob while the guy sat in his seat and the girlfriend was trying to sit on his lap. People started to get mad because they couldn't see from behind. "Oh crap," I thought. "Here we go." At the next stoppage I got up to go get an usher. I told the kids to scoot over and take my seat. I went down to explain to the usher what was going on and she said she'd help me at the next stoppage in play. The next stoppage was when Detroit scored goal #3 to tie up the game. Nooo!

To be continued...