Thursday, March 25, 2010

My youngest is exhibiting teenage behavior...

And I don't like it at all.
I can overlook the mass quantities of food being consumed and qualify it as "growing." I can even dismiss the strong body odors as "excessive physical activity." However, now there are new behaviors to add to the mix that have me stuck in a big pot of "reality soup."
Last weekend, he had two emotional meltdowns. The first was because I chose his brother's choice of restaurant over his. We were in Sacramento for a soccer tournament. His brother had just finished a game and we were all hungry. I asked Jacob what he felt like, he said "Jack in the Box." Then (as we are driving) I saw a taqueria and Alex said "Oh, that sounds good."
Meltdown. It wasn't fair. I asked him first what he wanted. He sat in the booth, ate his quesadilla and didn't talk to anyone.
The second one was the next morning when "no one" i.e., me, didn't charge his iPod. Excuse me? Since when is it my responsibility to charge his iPod? He said he told me. Um? I remember him saying on the drive up that his battery ran out... that was it. Then apparently he asked Alex if he could use his charger. Okay, so why didn't he just charge it? Why didn't he unplug Alex's iPod and charge his own, or at least bring it up again or follow up? Well, I'll tell you why.
Those are logical and rational examples of actions or questions to ask.
It is so much easier to meltdown, scream and yell then to simply be responsible for yourself.
But, here is the topper. Yesterday? He fell asleep. Asleep! During the day. He never falls asleep. He never takes naps. It is sort of his thing. He is the boy that doesn't nap. Now this!
No reason, no explanation. I just went to find him and there he was. In his bed. Asleep.
Shouldn't I have more time? He is still 11. And? Besides that, he is my youngest. He is the baby. This just doesn't seem fair. He still asks to sleep in the bed with me sometimes when his dad isn't home or is working late. He is my baby. He just can't start freaking out on me like this and falling asleep during the day. He just can't.
That's what teenagers do.