Friday, November 20, 2009

It's still here?

Wow. I can't believe it's still here. I thought Blogger would have deleted it for "non-use." So, I guess this is an appropriate time and place for a confession:

Forgive me blog for I have not updated. It has been almost 3 years since my last blog post.

Alright. Here is the short version. I changed jobs. My new boss mentioned (in the interview) that he (somehow, never got the full explanation) saw my blog. I was mortified at the time. Not sure why. That's not true. There are certain lines that I believe shouldn't be crossed. The boss shouldn't be reading about personal stories, excessive cussing in some cases or all out female/wifely/motherly venting as in other cases. However, that is the risk you take when you post stuff on the internet. It is perfectly reasonable that any employer (potential or otherwise) would have done some magical search and stumbled upon the Babalooooooooooooooooooo! blog. **sigh**

Anyway... (insert dramatic transitional theme music) skip ahead three years. I'm bored at home on the computer and (just as the boss did three years ago) stumbled across my blog! LOL! I had a blast reading through all the old posts. OMG! Did all that stuff really happen? I cracked myself up. Especially all the stories about my boys. Aaaaaah. Good times. Good times.

So, maybe I'll start writing posts again. I started another blog about a year ago that I update sporadically. It is called "Random Top Ten Lists." The link is here: It is just a top ten list about whatever I feel like making a top ten list about. Mostly quotes (I love those quotes!), but there are other things mixed in there as well. I'm also on Facebook (who isn't?). You can friend request me here:
I miss all the blog friends I used to follow. I seriously need to go through the old blogroll and see who is still out there posting.

How many Hail Bloggers do you think I need to absolve three years of absence?

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