Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Blurbs

1. Today will be the day. Today will be the day. I will not eat my Lean Cuisine Pizza to soon and burn the roof of my mouth. Today is the day. I can feel it. Just be patient. Just wait a little longer...What? It's not a Lean Cuisine Pizza? It's a Lean Cuisine Panini? Oh, that's different! Bite...Crunch...OOOWWW! Groan, not again... :-(

2. tap tap tap... "hello? Is anyone there? I think I'm trapped in here. Can you please help me get out?" tap tap tap... "hello? I can see you! C'mon! Please?"

3. Heard on the radio after a news blurb about the recent downgrade of Pluto to a dwarf planet... Apparrently there is a new slang term for when you are in a hot and heavy relationship for a long time and everything is all passionate and sexy, then after awhile the attraction wears off and the relationship is downgraded to being "just friends." The new word for that is "plutonic."

4. Have some courtesy when making things convenient for me, please! If you (my local big chain grocery store) are not going open any checkout lanes and force me to use "self-checkout," (which is great btw if say I'm buying a pack of gum and nothing else) then please have the courtesy of making sure all of your produce codes are updated so your convenient self checkout computer doesn't freeze when I input the code for peaches and red plums before telling me the code is invalid.

5. Oh, and? What is with the attitude when I put something in the bag before ringing it up? Ya don't have to get all "uppity" with me with your "UNEXPECTED ITEM IN BAGGING AREA!" I'm not trying to steal anything, sheesh.

6. Three signs that I am slowly losing my mind: 1) I totally space that one of my kids is not at home and that it is 5 minutes past the time I am supposed to pick him up 2) In my rush out the door I realize I forgot my phone inside 3) Go back from the car to the house, try three times to open the front door... with my car's remote key (yes, actually aiming the remote at the front door and pushing the "unlock" button).

7. Note to self: ask IT guy at work if it is possible to hook up my car and my front door to the same LAN.

8. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.... I got picked!

9. I need to find a new "happy place." Would it be wrong if my new "happy place" involves a visual of me kicking a certain aquaintance (as in not a family member or friend) in my life repeatedly?

10. dreamy music... one, two, three, KICK. one two, three, KICK. Harder. one, two KICK. one, two KICK... record scratch. Oh, Hi! You still here?


Zephra said...

I have done the remote car lock thingy too.

Valerie said...

Hee hee I saw that you got picked. I guess they did not read more than that one entry huh?

Crazy MomCat said... your blog wasn't letting me get into comments! Are you getting back at me? LOL

I LOVE those LC Panini's. YUM-O! Maybe I'll have one for lunch today too.

The remote thing cracked me up. It sounds like something I'd do completely.

Wendy said...

I can't even begin to count how many times I've stood by the truck cursing the remote that won't work because it's for the other car.

Jen said...

oh you got picked!! LOL!!!!

Babaloo said...

Zephra- I'm not alone? Yay!

Valerie- I guess not!

CM- yeah, we must have some bad comment kismet going on. It is only your comments that I have a problem with. Sometimes I re-write the same comment 4-5 times before it lets me publish it (and it isn't the letter verification thingy, I just get a "can't find server" error)

Wendy- Ha! I'm glad I don't have more than one remote key. I'd never get anywhere!

Jen- I know! LOL!

Nicole said...

Kick away and may I join you with some of my in-laws?

Babaloo said...

Nicole- The more the merrier!

Bonnie B said...

Good for you- yeah! Maybe I'll actually go read something over there.

I'm kicking an imaginery person I'm so happy for you!

You should patent the open house with car key LAN idea! Wow I am all for that one.

Babaloo said...

Bonnie- I should patent it! Ha!

Jodi said...

That's awesome that you got picked. :) :) :)

I love your little lists. They are too cute. And YEAH those computers at the self checkout lanes at Albertson's DO get all uppity. That b**ch of a computer has some real attitude! :)

Babaloo said...

I know! I totally want to call her (the computer) out and be all WTF?

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Haha funny.