Thursday, July 13, 2006

The 10 11 Things I Hate

I’m bitchy, I’m cranky and I couldn’t think of anything nice to say. Please share in the misery and read my list. Not a meme. More like a mini bitch-fest.

#11 The irony that what tastes so good is usually so bad...

#10 Anxiety – I know it will pass, but sometimes things seem insurmountable

#9 Identity Theft –been there, done that, not fun

#8 Telemarketing- not so bad after the national “do not call” list, but still worth a mention

#7 The Flu- umm, yeah.

#6 Ear wax – EEEEEWWWWW!!! And? Ear wax with sand. Don’t even go there.

#5 Confrontation – makes me nauseous. Unless it involves one of my kids, then I’ll go loco on your ass you-know-what.

#4 Litter- just pick it up, or throw it away in the first place! It isn’t hard.

#3 Pretentiousness – get over yourself already.

#2 Lies and the lying liars who tell them. – this isn’t political. I’m talking about people (in general), who just, well, lie. Ugh, just stop.

#1 Entitlement Driving- those drivers that, for whatever reason, feel they are entitled to get there before you. They don’t feel they need to wait for others if they can pass everyone and cut in when it suits them.


Jennifer said...

What a FABULOUS list. Seriously. Does stealing blog posts quantify as Identity Theft of a sort? 'Cause I'm also wrangling with #5 in that regard.

Ear wax with sand. Sounds unpleasant. Pun absolutely intended. :-)

Babaloo said...

It is a meme that was going around for a while so I don't have any rights to the idea. No identity theft or confrontation necessary!
(whew, wipes brow in relief)

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Great list! I like it thanks. Can I use it?

Babaloo said...

sw- of course!

Nicole said...

The anxiety thing gets me, too. Especially when I can't figure out what the anxiety is about. That, of course, causes more anxiety, etc. etc. etc.

I, too, will attack when it comes to my kids. And, at other times, too. But, the thought of a confrontation is very anxiety-provoking. The actual confrontation itself, not so bad.

Bonnie B said...

Entitlement drivers are entitled to the handsignals they get from other drivers and every word of praise that accompanies it.

Confrontation makes me nasueous--especially when it involves entitlement drivers in bad moods because you never know what is in their glove box.

buffet deserts

runny noses and sneezing

kids that won't sleep-- whiny anything-- I think I'd add that

nice list

Jodi said...

Amen, sista. ROCK ON! I totally agree. I love bitch fests! So cleansing for the soul.