Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Blurbs

1. Opening day for Buzz's soccer team went well. They won 5-0. Buzz scored the fifth goal and had three heart stopping saves in goal during the second half. Did I mention that the team's jerseys and socks this season are white? Yeah, it puts a whole new meaning into "stay on your feet."

2. Opening day for Woody's soccer team was last month when they played in a tournament. But, they did have their first "league" game this weekend and it ended in a 0-0 tie. The other team was happy with the tie because Woody's team was definitely the stronger of the two. They had soooo many chances, but nothing wanted to go in the net. They have a lot to work on, but also a lot to build on. Woody's goalie jersey is black, all black with a couple of orange stripes on the sleeve. He can fall all he wants.

3. WHAT? Did I pick out Woody's goalie jersey? Of course I did! But, I did it in a way that it made him think it was all his idea (his shoes are black too, *ahem*).

4. The throbbing in my head goes, throb throb throb. Hmmm, much to the same rhythm as
THE DAMN CONSTRUCTION GOING ON NEXT DOOR AT EBAY!! Somebody. stop. the. pounding. Please! That place better be no less than a royal shrine when they are done. This is week four. "POW-POW-Pow-pow-pow-pow..."

5. I spent a lot of Monday and Tuesday reading (as many of you did) through the 2,996 project tributes. While they were all amazing, poignant and often sad, I would like the opportunity to share a few of the extraordinary tributes that I read. If you haven't read these, please do yourself a favor and read them now.

6. The first one I'd like you to visit was posted by Joelle who honored Jeffrey Hersch in a tribute entitled Dear Jeffrey. If you are like Joelle (and me) don't be surprised if you get seduced by Jeffrey's smile.

7. The next one I'd like you to visit is Missy who honored David William Nelson. Missy came up with the wonderfully clever gesture to time stamp her tribute to the exact time that Mr. Nelson's tower collapsed on September 11th. Oh? And by the way, Missy is 12 years old. Please read it and be amazed.

8. Please also go and visit Dayngr Girl's tribute to Vincent Litto. Scroll down a bit and read his daughter's poem, you won't be the same after you do. As you open the page to her tribute there is a song that plays so please turn up your sound and grab some tissues.

9. Finally, if you read only one tribute from the 2,996, please go on over to Kate's tribute to Ruth Magdaline (Clifford) McCourt. This was the most compelling story I read. The tribute honors Ruth and her life but also tells the story of Ruth's daughter Juliana and how they both were on flight 175 while Ruth's best friend Paige was on flight 11. The three were going to meet up in L.A. for a mini-vacation. Not only that, but Ruth's brother Ron, was in the lobby of the WTC when flight 11 crashed into it and helped an injured woman to safety. Please go over and read the whole story, you won't be disappointed. Oh, and BTW, Kate is Missy's mother.

10. If you have any "must reads" from the tributes or any other 9/11 posts that really struck a chord with you, please share them with me. In fact, why don't you all send me at least one link (you can send more) of a 9/11 tribute or post that you admired and I will put them together in a post for everyone to see.

11. Many of the images from 9/11 were grim and disturbing, but not quite as disturbing as this photo of three dogs viciously attacking an alligator... courtesy of ;-)


onetallmomma said...

A smart Momma lets her kids think they are choosing the clothes because they are cool...not for there cleanability. Is that a word???

Bonnie B said...

Thanks for the reading list-- the tributes I've read so far were all heartfelt (how could they not be?).

And a black goalie jersey-- you are too smart!