Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Three reasons why 3-day weekends should be "permanent"

1) Saturday- Kids and I spent all day at local them park with my friend and her two kids. Stopped for takeout on the way home, watched a movie and crashed around 12.

2) Sunday- Spent all day in the house impersonating a vegetable. One of the cable channels (TBS? USA? AMC?), I can't remember which had a "Women with Issues" movie marathon so I burrowed under a blanket and watched. Yes, it was a beautiful day outside, but c'mon! Women with issues? All day long! I also watched at least 4 episodes of "Crossing Jordan." I'd never seen it before. I actually at one point started to get up to do something productive, but another show started and sucked me right in. Before I knew what happened it was 6:00 and the kids wanted to know what was for dinner (Pizza, of course.)

3) Monday- I got up early, made a grocery list and planned the menu for the week. I started laundry and cleaned the kitchen (top to bottom) before the kids woke up. I mopped all the floors, cleaned the bathrooms and did 5 continuous loads of laundry(throughout the day). We went grocery shopping, I cleaned the garage and the back yard. We took the dog on a nice long walk and then came home and made dinner.


Bonnie B said...

I want to watch a marathon of women with issues-- what a great lazy day

Now the cleaning part-- oh you are so ambitious. I have to do that tomorrow. i have company coming over.

onetallmomma said...

Wow, Sunday you were just priming your jets for Monday! Impressive lists of accomplishments.

Nicole said...

That Monday sounds like it could have taken all weekend (or in my case forever). Glad you were able to relax before the work started!

Jen said...

That sounds like a great weekend. I wish I'd have known about the "Women With Issues" marathon...I'd have SO been there!

Valerie said...

Yes I love staying in bed watching lifetime movies. That is the way to spend a day.