Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. Alex is in Boise with his team for the Region IV Championships. They have done well so far, winning their bracket and advancing to the quarter-finals. Next game is tomorrow. He is not playing and it is hard to gauge how he is doing mentally through our brief phone conversations. He can't really open up and say what is going through his mind with someone always around. I know this is hard for him, but I am hoping this life lesson will stay with him and he is able to learn from it on his journey into adulthood.

2. The mattress - as alluded to in yesterday's post, someone (that I probably know or have at least seen) dumped their nasty mattress set on top of our "large-item" pile that we put out in the street for a scheduled pick up. A pick-up that I will not only pay for, but one that allows for only the items that I pre-arranged to have picked up. NO MORE than what was on their list. There was only "1" mattress (ours) that was supposed to be picked up, NOT 3. So, what did the haulers do when they saw two extra mattresses ? Exactly what they said they would do in the agreement that I made with them. They left 2 behind. One from the sneaky free-loader and ours. They ended up taking the wrong mattress. Ugh! People! Really? Stop leaving your unwanted crap for me to deal with. I have enough unwanted crap of my own. Seriously. I hate you.

3. Soooo... the dognappers, both of them, are out of jail. I was walking with Nico on Tuesday and I saw one of the guys walking up to his house. I confirmed with the D.A. yesterday that both guys are "not in custody." I got as much information as I could from the D.A.'s office, but I still don't feel safe in my own neighborhood. At least now we know their names:
1) Emilio Romayor - this guy apparently plead guilty to the charges, served a month or so in jail and is now on probation. Not just any probation, "mental health probation." The only clear definition I got from Mr. Shapiro (Misdemeanor Supervisor at the D.A.'s office) was that this is the highest level of probation there is in terms of keeping an eye on the individuals. He has to report to court regularly and show that he is fulfilling the terms of his probation. He will have to do this for 3 years. This was the long/shaggy haired guy in the white t-shirt.
2) Alejandro (probably goes by Alex... *sigh*) Banuelos - this was the scary guy (shaved head, tear-drop, neck and all over arm tattoos) that was supposedly on parole. He did not plead guilty and has a pre-trial conference scheduled for July 26th. He is being charged with "Theft" and "Driving on a suspended license." There might be some repercussions with his parole if he is found guilty on these charges. I really hope they call me to testify.

4) The boss is out today and tomorrow. This means a very relaxed and enjoyable work environment. It is amazing how much more productive we are when she isn't around. Half day tomorrow and working on a productivity schedule that will knock your socks off!

5) Job Search - has been sporadic at best. I need to get serious. Staying positive though. Positive thoughts = positive actions = positive results.

6) The house is cleared out of our old living room furniture. Juan wants to paint, we still haven't even looked at colors.. so I don't know how that is going to work out. I will probably get Jacob's bed and dresser first, since that will take an effort to put together. Not to mention cleaning out his stuff and his floor. UGH! Too much work. Can't wait to have new furniture though!

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