Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. How can I have a Thursday Blurbs on this particular Thursday without mentioning what happened to me exactly 16 years ago, today? Although it wasn't a Thursday (It was a Saturday), it was the day that Alex made his way into this world and the day I gave him my heart on a string. I'm not sure if I so much gave it as much as he took it from me without protest. Either way, Happy Birthday Baby Boy... Your mom loves you!

2. Construction Zone - the house is a complete mess. We started last week the task of removing all the "popcorn ceiling" from all the rooms. They are all done except Alex's room and our bedroom. What started out as wanting to buy new furniture has turned into a full time project of scraping, sanding, patching, priming and painting.

3. I started ordering stuff from my list. I ordered Jacob's mattress from Overstock. I also ordered a new monitor and an external drive for the computer. The tables and Jacob's bed frame I want to get from Ikea, so I am planning a trip up there this weekend. We are going to have a lot of items to "build" and put together before this is over. But I think I will like that part better than stepping over stuff just to get to my room. Oh, and the dust? Ugh!

4. Going to the Earthquakes game this Saturday. The game is at Stanford vs. the NY Red Bulls followed by fireworks. Yay! Oh, and we're going with Brooke and Jordan. Yay x 2! Juan will be working so we are taking Vanessa, Alex's gf, with the extra ticket. Should be fun.

5. But not as fun as going to the restorative justice appointment today with Jacob where he will be assigned his 40 hours of community service. Which? I have the privilege of paying $35 for. Yay me. Fortunately we will be going to the mall later. I am in need of some retail therapy.

6. And? Hopefully some endorphin therapy later tonight as well. Is it selfish to go to Zumba class tonight? I can start getting the dinner ready before I go and then start making the enchiladas when I get home... I will make it work. Somehow. Need. To. Go. To. Zumba.

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