Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I've Learned Wednesday

1. Sometimes things just work themselves out without any help from me... something I am continually learning but seems like the first time every time. I am referring to the "mattress fiasco" that I vented about previously. They were sitting out in the street for 2-3 days, then suddenly (like magic) they were gone just as mysteriously as they arrived.

2. I have learned a very difficult lesson in watching my son suffer through a steep consequence of a very bad decision he made. It killed me not to "make things better" for him. I kept reminding myself over and over that it was his lesson to learn and prayed a lot that he would take it to heart.

3. Raising kids is easy. Raising teenagers is not. Not only is it "not easy" it is a whole different level on a whole different playing field in a whole different location in a whole different continent in a whole different world in a whole different stratosphere in a whole different solar system.

4. Shedding bad habits is like saying goodbye to good, comfortable friends. You are so used to living your life a certain way and falling into those habits (over eating, not exercising, overlooking housework, drinking) at the end of the day even though you always have regrets in the morning. How nice is it to wake up and not feel like crap because I drank wine, over ate, sat around in front of the t.v instead of working out and cleaning the house? I'll tell you: This morning, it felt nice.

5. I learned that if I can still love the man I married 19 years ago then I can keep loving him for 19 more.

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