Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Blurbs

1. I wanted to start off with a positive story I heard on the news this morning. They are far and few between, but this one made it through all the negative bullshit that is a our daily news. The story was about a Bald Eagle that was rescued, rehabbed and released back into the wild yesterday by a group called the Wildlife Education Rehabilitation. The eagle was found in Morgan Hill and was originally thought to have been shot. But after further care it was determined that she had somehow impaled herself on a metal fence (ouch). But now she is recovered from her injuries and free out and about in her natural habitat.

2. I just checked the three lottery tickets I had laying around.... I didn't win.

3. I have never been prone to anxiety attacks (unless I am watching one of my teams come from behind late in a game), but since early yesterday morning I have had an anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach that won't go away. It woke me up and is actually impacting my breathing. I walked around taking deep breaths for 10 minutes last night and had a couple glasses of wine... but it is back this morning.

4. Alex passed his GED test! He has completed high school. It isn't a cure-all, but it is a win and I need a win, no matter what the size.

5. Oh! Hot flashes... I think I'm starting to get them. Last night and the night before I just started burning up and sweating out of nowhere.  They aren't so bad. Kind of funny actually. When it happened last night my husband was like "are you having another hot flash?" It was only my second one (if that is even what it was) but he made it sound like I get them all the time. I guess I appreciate how he "normalized" them for me. Probably so I wouldn't start freaking out about it. Another reason why I love him.

6. Well, I guess since I am  self proclaimed "sports geek" I guess I should admit that game 2 of the World Series did not go well for the Giants last night. They come back home today for their 3 games at home which start tomorrow. But? I don't know. I'm not going panic, but the Royals look good and they look confident. The last two teams that the Giants have played in the World Series, looked shell shocked after losing game 1. Visibly shaken after losing to an "inferior team" it just got all bad for them after that... but this team? They don't look like that at all. Maybe because the experts have just proclaimed the Royals as "slightly better" than the Giants where in years past there was no question that the Giants had no business even being on the same field with their American League counterparts.

7. See?  I told you I was a geek. That last blurb was supposed to be a one or two liner, and I look what I turned it in to... LOL!

8. The 49ers have a bye this weekend, so my brother has invited me to play golf on Sunday. We have a tee time for early afternoon, but it is supposed to rain all day Saturday. I should ask him if there is a contingency plan. Knowing him, I'm sure he has two.

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