Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Blurbs

1. Does anyone actually blog anymore? You know, write short entries about daily life, personal observations, current issues and events? Seems like all I see are Blogs with Giveaways. Giveaways are great, don't get me wrong, if they are interspersed with actual blog posts. But I am noticing more and more that some blogs are just "giving it away" everyday. Time to clean up the blogroll.

2. A little scare yesterday at work when 8 of my coworkers got stuck in the elevator. Compounded by the fact that they were also in there with 5 brand new franchisees who were here for a three day training class. The group was on its way to lunch. They were rescued by the fire department after being in there for 45
minutes. Sidenote: The elevators here in our building are not that big. I don't think I've ever been in one with more than 5 or 6 people tops. So,  my first question was "why did 13 of you all get on an elevator together?" Apparently, a VP who shall remain nameless, encouraged everyone "to squeeze in together."

Orange fountain after Game 7
3. So.... that happened. The Giants won the World Series!!! And as duly predicted by me, I went a little nuts. It was such an amazing, tense and suspenseful game that couldn't have been more perfect for a Game 7. Damn, isn't the third one supposed to be the charm? That series was nothing close to charming. It was brutal. It was nasty. It was ugly. It was sweet. It was an emotional roller coaster. And Kansas City? From everything I read and hear on the radio, they are a class act. The team, the fan base and the residents of the area. They even turned the fountains at their ballpark "orange" in a salute to the Giants after their heartbreaking loss. *Hat tipped* to you Kansas City Royals.

4. I think my friend needs to break out of her "I'm a jinx" mentality. Although, admittedly, not a huge baseball fan per say, she was rooting for the Giants. I know she was. She threatened at one point to Bandwagon the Royals fans just so the Giants would have a chance, but she didn't. I know she didn't.

5. Oh! I almost forgot about Sunday's golf game! What a gorgeous, beautiful day to be outside. We played at a course in Milpitas that neither of us had been to before. Let's just say there was an interesting array of lakes, sand traps and wild life abound throughout the course. I was rusty, but I had some good drives, a couple of good chips and a couple good puts. Not, however, on any one hole at the same time. *Sigh* There were birds all around the course who just stood there and were not frightened or startled when a ball came near them or a human walks amongst them to set up a shot. On one hole there was a group of birds that casually walked away from us when we both had to take shots from where they were gathered. One of them had a gimp leg and was limping... He reminded me of Jacob. When I got home I told him I saw his "bird twin."

6. Speaking of  the knee surgery patient... He announced yesterday that for Halloween he will be "Madison Bum-knee."

Happy Thursday!


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