Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010... If I had it all over to do again...

Well, Christmas is over. The presents were bought, wrapped and handed out. The cookies were baked, the fudge was made and the packages were taken to the post office.
I did pretty well this year. I was officially "done" on December 23rd. That's right. TWO days before Christmas. Don't hate me because I am efficient. Lol!

Don't be to envious. There were a lot of things I could have done differently. For example. I could have saved the receipt for the backpack I bought at Target. Ugh! I saved every single damn receipt. EVERY one. Which one did I need? The one that got away. Yes. That one. Where is it? I'm still trying to figure it out. I looked through the whole recycling container. Yes, actually dug through the whole thing. No receipt. $42 for a backpack. Ugh! I so over-paid for that. That would have given me an extra $42 to spend today at Target. Oh well. Live and learn.

I would have been more specific to certain people as to what I wanted for a gift... Lol! I got two e-Readers for Christmas. Now? The dilemma of which one to keep and which one to return? Or sell. I got a Kindle from Steven and a Color Nook from Juan (and a cover from Jacob). I really want to keep the Nook, but I don't have a receipt for the Kindle... and Steven didn't offer me one, even though he saw that Juan got me the same gift. Ugh. Decisions, decisions.

I would have sent some gifts to Sue, Perry and Julie... Since they all sent us stuff. And last, I would have sent out Christmas cards with updated pictures of the boys. I will definitely do that do that next year.

Yesterday was nice. This was the first year that we had everyone come over and open presents together, instead of the staggered Christmas where we all open presents in waves. Tiffany and Sergio couldn't stay for dinner so Juan made a lot of food for breakfast. So good!

Today I took the boys shopping. I know, right? The day after Christmas? More stuff? Well, Jacob was in serious need of jeans. He has one pair (yes one) that fits and doesn't have holes in the knees. *sigh* So, I bought him 4 pairs of pants. Alex got some pants too, and a pair of shoes. Then we went to Big 5 to spend their $50 gift card from Grandpa. Jake got some shoes and knee pads (for skating) and Alex got a backpack. Thus, the reason for looking for the receipt for the one I got him for Christmas... ugh! Anyway...

I went to Target and loaded up on some stuff that I needed. Underwear, socks, bras etc. I also got some nice slippers, and some workout shirts. Feels good.

Now? On to the adventure, otherwise known as 2011.

Happy New Year!