Saturday, June 24, 2006


Ha ha ha ha ha... Hubby found my blog! I don't know what he thinks about it yet. (So what do you think honey?) He hasn't told me he found it, aside from the subtle hints that I pretended not to pick up on... Hmmm, nick-names for the kids? I don't have any nick-names for the kids!!! Why would you ask me that? Or me? Do I call myself something... like Babaloo? Hello! Where would you get that? Hmmm, what do I really think about #91 (which is not a nick-name) moving out? Well, we've talked about it a million times. Did you, umm, read something different somewhere that I haven't expressed verbally?

Okay... I did feel very bad the other day when you asked me if I was "talking" to somebody online (Ewe!!) I would never do that. N-E-V-E-R. Besides being wrong on so many levels, it is just plain yucky. Yes, I have this blog. It is something I started doing at work for fun. I never meant to keep any secrets from you. It's just that there aren't many things in my life that are just mine. You know? Besides, I didn't think anyone would ever really read it.

I wish you would have waited a few more days because I have something special to post for our anniversary and I was going to send you a link so you could read it. (((Sigh))).

Okay, so I came clean. Now you come clean and tell me you read this!


Zephra said...

I await the day my DH decides to look for mind.

Bonnie B said...

Mine found mine-- darnit and now I'm tongue tied.

Jodi said...

You have been outed! My hubby reads my blog every time I have a new post and all he EVER says is, "you're a good writer". That's it. he's funny. And annoying. And loveable. And sometimes I want to smother him in his sleep.

That's all. :)

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Ha at least you are laughing and not crying.

Nicole said...

My husband knows and doesn't bother with it. Once in awhile he asks to read a post here or there, but that's it.

I hope your hubby enjoys!