Thursday, June 01, 2006

Scary hormones strike early

The scary hormones were raging this morning. The good news? They didn't belong to anyone in my family. The bad news? They belonged to my neighbor. My very PREGNANT neighbor. My I'm-going-to-pop-out-this-kid-any-second-now-and-I'm-enraged-because-my-7-year-old-can't-find-his-shoe-and-is-going-to-be-late-for-school neighbor. Who, under normal circumstances is the sweetest, most doting, neighborly mom you'd ever want to meet. Really. You would love her. Anyone would.

She has two boys, the previously mentioned 7 year-old and a 3 year-old. This one is going to be a little girl. She is due on Saturday. Her husband leaves early in the morning for work and they only have one car, so for the duration of her pregnancy she has been walking "Johnny" the four blocks or so to school. She was doing fine up until about a month or so ago when she finally accepted my offer to take Johnny with me when I drop off my kids. So every morning I send one of my boys over to get him and off we go.

This morning I sent Buzz over to get him because he was the first one ready. He came back a few minutes later with a confused look on his face. "Where's Johnny?" I asked him. "Umm, I don't think he is going to school today." I asked if he was sick. "No, he can't find his shoe. And..." And what? "And, um. His mom is yelling at him. She told me he is not going to school."

This was definitely not about a missing shoe. I figured she would probably find his shoe and then try and take him to school herself if we left without him. I did not want that on my conscience all day so I sent Woody over to follow up and to see if we should wait. He came back a few minutes later with a very sad and weepy Johnny.

I felt so bad for him! Poor guy. So young to be a hormonal rage victim! I tried to tell him that his mommy is just really ready to have the baby and she's not really mad at him. He nodded, but I don't think he quite believed me. Then I made up a story about once when I was pregnant I threw one of Woody's shoes out in the street because I was mad that he couldn't find the other one. That got a smile. However, I'm sure he was probably planning how to find every single pair of shoes he owns and line them up next to his bed.

Just in case.


mommy on the verge said...

missing shoes are the biggest triggers for mommy rage I have even encountered, you don't even have to be pregnant!

Paige said...

I hate the missing shoe thing. Thats why I duct tape my kids shoes to their heads as soon as they come of the feet.

Bonnie B said...

Missing shoes, car keys and homework make my temples want to burst-- I don't want to talk about the last time I was pregnant-- scary.

Jodi said...

OH MAN. Missing shoes are the worst, whether you are pg or not, I agree. What always gets me is the kid KNOWS he's gonna need the damn shoes the next day. Why doesn't he take them off next to the door??? ERGGGHHHH. I will have to try the duct tape idea...hmmmm...

Nicole said...

Wow, poor kid and poor mommy. I remember those hormonal things and crying for no reason. My husband looked at me funny and I flipped once and screamed and cried.

They will both look back and laugh one day (in the very far future).