Thursday, June 08, 2006

No more human development movies for you!

(prelude: Woody just got through seeing the human development movies, you know where the girls go off and see their own movie and the boys stay and watch the boy version... remind me to tell you how excited he was to recieve a free deodorant sample. why was he so excited? I have no idea, he's been wearing deodorant since he was 9.)

Since when are there cheerleaders in the NHL?

The kids and #91 were watching the end of game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals the other day between, cough, Edmonton (who aren't the Sharks) and Carolina. I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready (and also not watching the game because it wasn't the Sharks and I just haven't been able to watch a game since they lost to, cough, cough, Edmonton a few weeks ago and were eliminated).

I guess it was a good game cuz I could hear the three of them "oohing" and "aahing" at different plays. "Turn it down!" I said. "Why do you have to have it so loud?" Hee, hee. We have it 3 times louder when the Sharks are playing. But, that doesn't matter, because this wasn't the Sharks and the volume was annoying me. I have to concentrate when boiling water for pasta.
"Mommy, come and see this play!" One of them said.
"Please? Hurry! You are going to miss it!"
"I'm busy." (the water was about to boil)
"Ugh. okay. what is so spectacular?" (that wouldn't be better if the Sharks were playing)

Flash to cheerleaders (wtf?), cheering for the team (that wasn't the Sharks) that just scored a goal (that I didn't see because I was boiling water).

"He-llo!" said (soon to be 11) Woody (yes, in that guy-oooogling-a-hot-babe kind of way)


"That's it! No more human development movies for you." (And turn off that game. That the Sharks are not playing in.)



Zephra said...

I tried and tried to post in your chocolate post today but I am sure you know that Blogger was down again. I wanted to let you know I gave up Pepsi. It is one of the hardest things I have had to do because I was so addicted. Good for you for not eating sweets. I will help you out be eating your share so you wont be tempted.

Babaloo said...

ugh... blogger. Don't even get me started. Thanks for the offer to eat my share of chocolate. You can start with the Easter candy I have stashed in my closet. I'm about to throw it out because (I think) the kids have forgotten about it!

Bonnie B said...

Why do boys have to grow up and become girl oogling men? I probably only ask this question because I am long past the being oogled stage of life.
Did he at least have good taste because you know it could be a sign of what kind of girl he'll bring home later?
But thent here is plenty of time to worry about later. Tend to the boiling water and turn off the TV (good move BTW).

Nicole said...

Boys will be boys (and they tend to start younger and younger). I would have turned it off, too.

I, too, tried to post about chocolate, but had no luck. I admire you for giving up the sweets. I've tried to no avail. Chocolate would be no problem, it's the other sweets (cake, cookies, donuts, etc) that I can't live without.

Jennifer said...

There have been cheerleaders in hockey since the first drop of the puck in North Carolina, when the NHL graciously placed a team in the heart of all things College Sports.

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill is nothing if not a "Rah-Rah" sports town. And hey. Between the ladies and our pig mascot named Stormy, we've certainly got an edge on "unique", wouldn't you say?