Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Review - Fired Up

Fired Up an Arcane Society novel
by Jayne Ann Krentz

A Trilogy within a Series?

Jayne Ann Krentz is getting pretty creative with her Arcane Series books and fortunately for her, "Fired Up" is a solid lead off novel for the Dreamlight Trilogy.
"Fired Up" introduces us to Jack Winters, a direct descendent of Nicholas Winters, the twisted alchemist and arch-enemy of Sylvester Jones, who were the original founders of the Arcance Society. Both Jones and Winters were consumed by creating a way to enhance paranormal abilities. Jones, by creating a (very) flawed formula and Winters by creating the Burning Lamp, which can only be activated by those in his bloodline. Because Nicholas experimented with the lamp on himself, a strange twist in his DNA (known as the Winters' Curse) was passed down to Jack. Now Jack must find the lamp and (according to the legend) a female dreamlight talent to help him alter the curse and prevent him from losing his sanity and potentially his life. Jack hires Chloe Harper, a private investigator (and dreamlight talent) to help him locate the lamp and use her talent to alter the Winters' curse.
I thought Krentz hit her marks with this installment. The historical intrigue of the Arcane Society, it's nemisiss Nightshade and two hot sensitives. It's all there. I love the fact that she is going back to the origins of both the Arcane Society as well as the founder's formula and now the new twist with the Burning Lamp. She even gives readers a whole new insight (hinted in Running Hot) into Fallon Jones and what might be in store for him as well as his inner-sanctum as the head of J&J. A good read for all Jayne Ann Krentz fans. Enjoy!
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