Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Even Uglier

Part 4

Inside HP Pavilion
As I turned around to start going up the stairs back to our row I looked up and saw that EVERYONE in our area was standing up and then I saw movement followed by fists flying. A fight had broken out. OMG. Alex! I ran up the stairs as fast as I could. I was convinced that Jackass 1 and 2 were beating up Alex because he wouldn't move, or he said something to them, or because it was 2 against 1... OMG, omg, my brain was spinning as I raced up there. I got up there and immediately spotted Alex and Jacob, who were, thankfully not getting pummeled by either of the drunk Jackass brothers, moved over toward the side of the fight. The nice couple we were sitting with were telling me, "Get your kids, get your kids." I yelled for them to get out of there and come over to the aisle. I grabbed my purse and we tried to squeeze in with everyone else who fled to the safety of the aisle stairs. "Was this because of us?" I asked the nice couple. "No," they said. "This has been building since the beginning of the game."

When security came they asked who saw what happened and apparently it all happened right in front of Alex so he raised his hand and told them he saw the whole thing. They asked him to come down and talk to them. I started to follow and the security person told me "just him." "Uh uh," I said. "He is my son, He's a minor. I'm going with him." So? In the span of just under 2 hours, Alex and I were giving our second statement to the San Jose Police Department. *Sigh*

Jacob, who I thought was following us down to the concourse, decided to stay in his seat so he could watch the end of the game. Good for him. Someone should get some of the $340 worth out of the tickets I bought for this game.

The police officer asked me first what happened, so I told him my version leading up (about them being in the wrong seats, etc.) to the fight and then turned to Alex for him to explain because, at that point I had no idea what had happened. He said after I left, the girlfriend of Jackass 2 was looking at her tickets and realized that they were in the wrong seats after all and was trying to get her group to go find their real seats. They (the two females anyway) were standing up (a big no-no when the game is on) and when Detroit scored their goal, the guy that was sitting on the other side of the Jackass party got mad (because he missed the goal, because the group wouldn't sit down while the game was being played and/or because he was as drunk as the jackasses were...? who knows) and pushed one of the girls and she fell into the row below. Both Jackasses retaliated and started punching the guy who pushed the girlfriend. Ugh. Big mess.

Alex finished giving his statement and we were asked to stay nearby and not to return to our seats just yet. We (mostly me) were able to see bits of the game. At one point I glanced down from the door area leading to the lower bowl and saw Detroit score their fourth (and ultimately winning) goal. Of course they would blow a 3-1 lead just as we got there. Could this day get any worse?

We never did make it back to our seats. We waited for Jacob after the game and then eventually made it down to the bar to see Juan. We walked to the back table next to his area and sat down. He came over to ask how we were and I started to get emotional because of everything that had happened that day. It hit me all at once especially when I thought Alex was getting mauled by the jackass brothers... I was emotionally raw. Anyway, we explained everything to Juan and then again to Maria when she came over. I felt a little better after the two margaritas (drank in succession) that Juan made me and we ended up waiting for him to finish closing the bar. After that we went to a late dinner at Red Lobster. When we got home one of the officers from earlier in the day was waiting for us because he wanted to come in and get recorded statements from both Alex and I about the "dog-napping." We stayed up another hour giving our recorded statements and processing all the events of the day before finally being able to put an end to this horrible, horrible day.

The End

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