Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thursday Blurbs

1. I have a job interview tomorrow. It is the first one on nearly 3 years. And that one wasn’t even a job interview. It was more of a “hey, how have you been? I googled your e-mail address and found your blog. Well, your office is over there… see you in two weeks!”

2. And the last interview before that was… ? The last interview before the, other, last interview was 12 years ago. 1998? Can that be right? I am sooooo out of practice. They will know it too. Wow. This is certainly a train wreck waiting to happen. Go me!

3. On a positive note, Alex emerged last weekend, after the second week of invitation-only tryouts, with a coveted spot on the 1995 Boys Cal North State ODP soccer team. He has worked so hard and faced so many obstacles since he first started playing this game nearly 8 years ago. Now he is almost at the top level possible for his age group. I am so happy for him.

4. After dropping the kids off at school this morning I went to drop off “G-Force” at Redbox only to discover (much to my delight) that they had “Julie and Julia” in stock. I picked it up and indulged in a morning of movie watching. What a nice film. Perfect companion to snuggling up in a blanket on a cold, foggy, rainy morning. The laundry would just have to wait. And it did. It still is. No worries though, the laundry elves are around. I can sense their presence.

5. Day 18 confessions: I’m almost done with my 21 day cleanse mentioned in this post (blurb #4) last week. I have been eating saltine crackers (high fructose corn syrup). I should be eating the all natural corn chips instead, but the crackers are so good with hummus. Also, I had a glass of wine on Sunday to celebrate Alex making ODP. Oh, and the Nyquil. That one couldn’t be helped and is completely without regret. And I’d do it again.

6. Alex just asked me what “Julie and Julia” was about. I gave him a brief synopsis (blogging her way through Julia Child's cookbook). He looked over my shoulder at the computer screen and asked me if that is why I’m “blurbing.” Hahahahaha. Well, I thought it was funny. Ok, maybe it was funnier out loud.

7. I still don’t know what to get Jacob for Christmas. He is usually the easiest. Maybe that’s because his lists are usually the longest. This year “I don’t know” seems to be at the top of his list. I wonder where I can get one of those or what size he wants. *Sigh*

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