Monday, May 24, 2010

In Memorium


(Sharks lose 4-2 in game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. Chicago will move on to the Stanley Cup Finals)

Here is a poem written by Jacob, one of the Sharks biggest fans, on the eve of their final 2010 playoff game against Chicago:

Every year ends the same
Watching the Sharks lose their final game
This makes the year so lame
And now having to stare at the mullet of Patrick Kane

For once can't we make history?
Or will it always be a mystery?
And to come this close just to see it walk away
Then have to think about it every day

Can't Marleau hoist the cup?
And then have Pronger clean it up?

Instead of looking in the mirror
Whispering "is this the year?"
We have 3 consecutive losses
What caused all this?

I think it's finally time
For the cup to be yours and mine
Will it happen, probably not
But who would have ever thought

That we'd make it this far

Will history be made?
Or stay the same?

There's only one way to know
And put on a show

The Sharks are targets on a range
Can't they just win a cup for change?

Poor Jacob. I know exactly how he feels. I could have written this. So? Thus ends our Sharks Playoff Hockey Blogging for 2010. Back to our regularly scheduled blog posts.