Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kill Me Now

Or at least remove the dagger from my heart.

Sharks lost game 2 (4-2) and now trail in the series 0 games to 2.

Ugh, that was painful. They looked? Um, what is the word? Discombobulated. They looked tense and overly conservative. I didn't see them shooting up the ice like I did in the previous two series. Maybe Chicago is just that much better. They seemed unstoppable. More than that, though, they looked comfortable. The Sharks on the other hand looked like 9 year-old boys squirming in their seats at a wedding because they can't wait to run outside and take off the suits and ties that their moms made them wear.

I don't know how they can possibly turn this around. I'm hoping they can get at least one in Chicago... but right now if I'm Chicago I'm thinking close this thing out at home. Go for the sweep. I don't know how the Sharks can get back in their comfortable rhythm or at least dig in defensively until the offense can nail a couple in the back of the net, comfortable or not. With Colorado you felt they were dominating and that sooner or later if they kept with it they would break through... and they did. With Detroit they nailed them with three strait and looked unstoppable. But, now? With Chicago, they look intimidated and I'm not sure why. I just know it doesn't feel right.

I did see some hits. So, that was good. Not sure if they kept doing that through out the game, but damn. Some of those goals? Soft ones by Nabby? It doesn't really matter though, the team as a whole was out of sync. To many turnovers, their forwards were not giving them an inch in the defensive zone. You would think they would have been more prepared for that? I don't know. I don't envy Todd Mac right now. They need to get it together or this is it.

I hate to sound doom and gloom... but this feels like the end. Sigh.

Just hoping for a game 5.

Go Sharks!