Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Cast

Cast of Babaloo Characters:

"Hubby" - self explanitory.

"Buzz" - 7 year-old son. A huge soccer and hockey fan who is sometimes a bit obsessed with his favorite teams (Sharks & Earthquakes) and favorite players. Buzz is currently in 3rd grade, plays soccer and sings in the shower!

"Woody" - 11 year-old son. Another huge soccer and hockey fan who grows like a weed and could start shaving now if he wanted too. Woody is in 6th grade, plays soccer and (when not hyper and pestering his brother) is an absolute joy.

"#91" - 24 year-old (step) son. Works with special needs kids. He wore #91 in his youth hockey days after Sergei Federov. He is a wonderful human being (when he is not drinking my diet coke and parking in my parking spot).

"Drama" - 18 year-old (step) daughter. What can I say? Her name says it all and I still love her anyway!

"Nico" - 1 year-old Chihuahua / Jack Russel Terrier mix. Nico is not a psuedonym, his name is really Nico. The kids named him after Niko Dimitrakos, their favorite (now former) Sharks player.

"Babaloo" - Me. See: 100 (or so) Things

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