Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Security Cameras

Both of my kids were accused of misdeeds at school this week. Two seperate incidences at two different schools. Both were absolved because of security camera footage. I'm still processing all of my thoughts and feelings concerning this. On the one hand, I don't like the fact that they were both falsely accused, brought into the office and that I was never contacted from either school. In one case my son was even interviewed by the police.  On the other hand, I do realize what the schools are up against. Kids are out of control and the school administrations are just trying to get to the bottom of all the bad behavior. I get it. It is what I find myself trying to do half the time in my own house.

The first incident happened at the high school. There were some kids throwing eggs and water balloons and unfortunately, a teacher got hit. Afterwards someone identified Alex on the camera footage and he was brought in to the office. he, of course, denied any involvement and they told him that they had him on tape. My son, the future lawyer, demanded that they show him the security tape in his presence.  After sitting there for nearly two class periods they finally tracked down the correct segment and showed it to him in front of the principal. After watching it closely it was obvious they had the wrong kid and that it wasn't my son. "I told you, it wasn't me. Can I go to class now." He told them in what I hope was a very stern tone of voice (I know it was when he re-told the story to me). The next day he was brought in again and was interviewd by the police. This time they were asking for his help to identify the people that were actually involved.

The second incident happened at the middle school. My 8th grader was walking down the stairs and he tripped over a back pack, fell and landed awkwardly as he tried to keep his balance. One of the assistant principals, "Mr. Doom," approached him and said "I saw what you did. How many times do I have to tell you not to jump down the stairs?"
"Um," Jacob said. "You've told me once."
"Once should be enough. Come with me to the office." Mr. Doom told him. Jacob tried to tell him that he tripped, but Mr. Doom isn't much of a listener.
When they got to the office Mr. Doom brought Jacob to the security monitors and told him that they were going to watch the security tape and asked him what should happen to him if the tape showed him jumping down the stairs. Jacob told him he could give him detention for the rest of the year.
"That isn't going to happen. Seriously, what should happen to you?"
"Fine," Jacob said. "Give me Friday school for the next three weeks."
"Are you sure?" Mr. Doom sneered (in my imagination he sneered).
"I'm sure," Jacob smiled sweetly (in my imagination he smiled sweetly)
They watched the video and just like Jacob said, he tripped over a backpack and fell down the last few stairs.
"I'm sorry Jacob. You can go." Mr. Doom said.

Since both of these incidents happened one right after another it got me thinking. And now?

I am SERIOUSLY considering installing security cameras inside my house. Imagine the possibilities. I could totally catch that "It Wasn't Me" guy, his twin "Not Me" or their buddy "I Don't Know."


Mommy With Selective Memory said...

Haha cameras at home? Love it! Sounds like a smart kid! Thanks for following!

Fernando said...

What Jacob did reminds me of my high school life, LOL. I did that back then. But in my case, I wasn't summoned by the principal - just my adviser. Watch your back, Jacob! Mr. Doom got his cameras on you. LOL

Fernando Severns

Harvey said...

It's nice to reminisce your high school years right? Haha! Schools should always have security cameras. These are not just for keeping an eye on students, but they are also there for their own protection.

Harvey Shepherd

Alexander Landrum said...

I guess both of your sons were lucky that there were security cameras installed, which helped prove their innocence. And yeah, I think it’s a good idea for you to install security cameras in your home, not just to catch their mischievous deeds, but also to enhance the security of your home.

Alexander Landrum

Frances said...

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