Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. Last week (in addition to being sick) Alex was without his phone for a couple of days. He had lost it at school. I couldn't figure out why, in the morning, I would come out for my coffee and the TV would be on. Did my husband turn it on before he left for work and forget to turn it off? I finally asked Alex if he had turned on the TV. He told me he had. "Why?" I asked. "So I could check the weather since I can't check it on my phone." Duh.

2. Also from Alex when we were buying lottery tickets last Friday... "Do you know the first thing I am going to do when I turn 18?" "Buy a lottery ticket?" I answered. "Yeah, and watch, I'm going to win. The first time." That is such great news! I only have to be poor and struggling through this recession for two more years. Whew.

3. If someone would have said before the NFL season started that the week 6 match up between the  49ers and the Detroit Lions would be a pivotal match up between two of this season's heavy weights? I, along with many other football fans, would have had them committed. But, it's true. the Niners are 4-1 and Detroit is unbelievably 5-0. Tune in on Sunday. Go Niners!

Al Davis 1929 - 2011
4. I have been guilty, as have many Bay Area sports fans, of how do I say, making colorful statements about how the Oakland Raiders needed to get rid of their owner Al Davis who seemed to be keeping his team hostage in the glory days of the 70's and not bringing them into the 21st century. Mr. Davis passed away early Saturday morning and I was humbled by his team's response and how much they cared for him. Rest in peace Mr. Al Davis.

5. Let's not forget opening night for the San Jose Sharks. Amazing! Everything I would have hoped for in their 6-3 win, with exception to the three power play goals they gave up... but I'm sure the team will approach this internally. It is only the first game. 81 regular season games left to get that worked out. Go Sharks!

6. A very significant lady in my family passed away early Monday morning. My Great Aunt Nan. I received an e-mail early Monday morning from my Aunt Sue telling me the news of her passing. May you rest in peace Auntie Nan. God has released you from your suffering and I would like to say thank you for the blessings you have placed in my life and in the life of those I love.

7. Guess what junior hockey player dude did? He made it to the Gold division of his hockey league. He is playing with kids a year older... so this is quite the vote of confidence and going to be a big challenge for him. This is a difficult sport to have your child in. On the one hand I am so proud, on the other hand I am scared that he is going to be broken in half by some kid that has actual meat on his bones... unlike my skin and bones kid who thinks his protruding rib cage is a six pack.

8. Jacob has just recently read my "Body Snatchers" post. He  is both "offended" and "intends to sue." *Sigh*


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