Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Starting From Scratch: The List

I had another Monday morning meltdown this week with my just-became-teenaged-middle-schooler. He wasn't ready for school on time (again), a big blow-up ensued and afterwards I had to take a really hard look at myself and the situation. Because? Something needed to change.

The first thing I decided (duh) was to not give him his phone or iPod in the morning. He is already required to turn them into me at night before he goes to bed. This prevents (as you can imagine) late night texting, web browsing, game playing and movie/video watching. My mistake has been giving them back to him first thing in the morning. Prior to melting down this last Monday, he was obsessed with getting his iPod to charge and spent 20 minutes laying on his bed messing around with the wire, looking for another one and who knows what else, instead of getting ready for school.

The next thing I decided (yay me) was to make a list of everything he needs to do in the morning from the time he wakes up until it is time to leave the house for school. A basic list. A common sense list really, but apparently one that he needed, as a little refresher.

Wake up at 6:45
  1. make bed
  2. get dressed
  3. pick up room
  4. get back pack ready
  5. eat breakfast
  6. brush teeth
  7. brush hair
  8. get phone back from mom (when there is visible proof that #'s 1-7 have been taken care of)
Leave for school at 7:30

Today (in the morning) was a breeze. He was ready by 7:22.

I wish these were the only things I had to do in the morning...

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LC Hunt said...

As the mother of a tween (soon to be teen) son, I can relate. Mine home schools, but my older one always had a hard time in the mornings ... They really need to make school start at 9 or 10, so it isn't such a drag for them BUT it is not, so we have to make them do :( I found you at one of my Thursday Hop blogs and wanted o say hello. I joined your Google Friend widget and invite you to do the same at Mother Baby Child - This way we can stay better connected.