Monday, November 10, 2014

Day Trip to Monterey

Street view of Cannery Row
It is so nice to get away! I was so happy and relaxed to leave my worries behind and hit the road with my husband for a day trip to Monterey on Sunday. Monterey is a little over an hour drive from where we live and definitely worth the time in the car. Monterey is very scenic and there is a lot to do, depending on what you are in the mood for. Since we just wanted to walk around, window shop, check out some views, have a nice lunch and maybe do some wine tasting... we headed for Cannery Row. We got there early enough to find decent (free!) street parking and let the rest of the day take us away...
View from our table at the Fish Hopper Restaurant

Car roofs are excellent perches

View of Monterey Bay looking north

Historical depiction on a beach wall

Wine tasting to cap off the day

What a beautiful day! It was way more than just the scenery, great food and quality time with my husband. It really gave me some sorely needed revitalization and peace of mind. I hope we can do more things like this. We owe it to ourselves.


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