Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday Blurbs

1. I was blown away last week when a friend and co-worker shared a very personal secret with me. I was honored that she shared it with me and it made my respect and admiration for her grow more than I ever thought possible because I had always thought very highly of her. It is just so true how everyone you meet has a struggle, something only they know about, that they have to deal with every day. *Sigh* It almost made me want to share my secret with her. I feel like someday I will. But now isn't the right time.

Post-it paper clipped for safety
 2. This drives me absolutely crazy. See this picture on the left? I come in to work and find things like this on my desk all the time. It is from my boss. She likes to write me notes on Post-it notes... and then paperclips them on for good measure. What does she think is going to happen between the time she puts the note on my desk and the time I see it? Are we going to have a wind storm? Will there be a volcano eruption that could potentially melt the adhesive off the Post-it? Are we infested with Post-it eating nocturnal creatures who are afraid of paper clips? Are there crazy ninjas that come at night and take Post-it notes off our desks but leave them in place if there is a paper clip? What is the reasoning? Thinking about it makes my brain hurt.

3. I did it! I did it! After years of attempting to educate fellow drivers on the road I have finally gotten through to not one, but two people! The first one was a few weeks ago when I was driving to work. A young man had veered right into my lane in front of me (without using a blinker) forcing me to brake so I honked at him. I could see him looking at me in his mirror so I mouthed the words "use your blinker" and made little blinking motions with my hand. He smiled and a few minutes later, I kid you not, he moved over to the next lane and used his blinker so the car behind him knew what he was going to do! Same thing happened last night. A
woman pulled right into my lane forcing me to slam on my brakes. I flashed my high-beams at her and she looked at me timidly through her mirror. Again, I mouthed "use your blink-er" and made little motions with my hand so she could see them. And? Seriously, not 30 seconds later she moved over to another lane and used her blinker!

4. Seriously, between the pile of lottery tickets that I finally checked and the laundry this week... I'm up $14! Whooohoo!! That is two decent bottles of wine on sale. #winning

5. I have a new hero, his name is Albert and he has the same affliction as I when he sees someone post the word "loose" when what they really mean (according to the context in which it is written) is "lose." This is his comment on a post in a SJ Sharks forum. -------------->
The original post said... "I have a top 3 teams I hate/dislike to loose to and I want to know what your top 3 teams you hate/dislike to loose to...." I mean, the poster wrote it twice so it can't be a typo. But then... Albert. LOL! It is the small things that make me happy.

6. I am bursting inside about what I'm going to be doing next week, but I don't want to throw it out into the universe because I am feeling very superstitious. So I am choosing to keep it inside and just wait until it is happening so that I can post it all over FB and Instagram. *Hee Hee*

Happy Thursday!


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