Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What I Have Learned Wednesday

1. I have learned that Chuck M@ns*n (I don't want his name showing up in a search engine linking to my blog) is getting married. *blech* Gross. WTF? I can't... I don't... I have nothing clever to say. She is 26 years old, what is he now, like 90? And no, that isn't what is weird about it... that doesn't even scrape the surface of the wrongness or yuckiness of this union. Was she even alive when he went on his murdering spree? Maybe she doesn't know? Someone should tell her, just in case.

2. I have learned that "vape," the act of smoking an e-cigarette, is Oxford Dictionary's "new" word of the year. You can read more about Oxford's proud moment here.

3. I have learned (unverified, but I like to think that it is true) that some Canadian police departments give out "positive" tickets for doing something good.

4. I have learned that in 1895 there were only two cars in the whole state of Ohio and that, in what was most likely the first recorded instance of  "road rage" in history, those two cars crashed into each other.

5. I have learned that Doritos could actually be made without the orange powder residue and taste exactly
The Doritos Experience - Ha!
the same. The company decided to leave it on because the residue left on your fingers is part of the "Doritos experience."

6. I have learned that scientists can grow bacon from stem cells. What? Oscar Meyer, et al. need to get on that ASAP to avoid this impending "bacon shortage" I keep hearing about.

7. I have learned that my son has a wonderful opportunity to give back and say thanks to the family of the tissue donor who gave him an achilles tendon that was used to repair the ligaments in his knee (ACL). Jacob will be writing them a letter today and hopefully I can share some of it before we send it to the program that will then pass it on to the donor family.

Happy Hump Day!


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