Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Money Well Spent

The kids and I made it to the Sharks' game last night! After a frustrating ticket buying experience last week it looked as if we wouldn't be able to get a third ticket and thus not be able to attend the game. Ah, but the ticket gods were a smiling on us as things fell together nicely yesterday afternoon. All morning I lurked around Craigslist, constantly refreshing the ticket section, on my quest. I was determined to get myself and both boys to a playoff game. I replied to listings, I called and left messages on the ones that left phone numbers all with the same result... "I'm sorry, I just sold them to someone else." Or, "I'm sorry, someone offered me more money." Uggghhhh!!! And then, finally, some wonderful soul sent me an email with the sweetest words, "Well, the other woman (who sent a reply e-mail 5 minutes before I did) still hasn't responded, so I will go ahead and sell them to you." Hallelujah! These tickets were perfect because they were 1 section over from the tickets we already had and I could bring Woody's friend with us. The hardest part was having to wait almost two hours for the kids to get out of school before I could tell them!! Let me tell you they were screaming with joy. That moment was worth all the effort right there.

Then? It just got better. We hooked up with one of Woody's soccer coaches at practice earlier in the evening, who had a parking pass (for being a season ticket holder) and asked if we could carpool to the game and he said "yes!" So, free parking! Then the game? Amazing! 4-1! It was so loud and so awesome. It is fun to scream like a maniac in my own living room, but it is something altogether different when you can scream with 17,000 + like minded people. We did manage to go visit hubby in the club, but he was to busy to be able to have much of a visit. I bought the three boys each a "Cheechoo train" whistle, much to the delight of all the people sitting around us! Speaking of people sitting around us. We had both ends of the spectrum. On my right was a gentleman who midway through the game admitted to me that it was his first hockey game. Ever. Well he sure picked a good one to be his first! Then, to my left (sitting next to Buzz ) was young guy (mid-twenties?) who was obviously a die-hard fan, which he proved mid-way through the third period when he showed us the sharks logo tattoo he had on his ankle! Um, yeah. Don't get any ideas Buzz! Meanwhile, one section over, Woody and his friend were having a blast and I imagine feeling very grown up and independent sitting by themselves. So? In all, a successful evening.
The Breakdown:
4 Round 1 Stanley Cup Playoff tickets - $164.
3 "Cheechoo Train" whistles - $15.
Concessions - $20.
Walking outside after the game with three of the happiest kids in the world - Priceless.

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The Great Sparlini said...

So glad you were all able to go and spoil the kids with a good time! I haven't been to a hockey game myself, but I am sure I would have been hoarse after the game! Money well spent is correct!