Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Making the mp3 leap

I finally made the huge technological leap into the world of mp3 players. I have to admit now that I'm here I can't think of a plausible reason why I didn't do it sooner. Oh, I know. The money. And, also I guess I'm (she admits reluctantly) a bit like my father who absolutely refuses to give in to modern technology. "What do I need it for?" is his reasoning. He is by no means a cheap man or a penny pinching man, but he is practical to a tee. Some of this has rubbed off on me in the way that I am usually way behind in the owning of "new toys." I held out forever in getting a cell phone. #91 had one before I did, and that was after three (long) years of his begging and him finally going behind our backs to his bio-mom (fodder for another blog and another time...). Why did he need one? Just because it was the in thing (this was 10 years ago). His grades were horrible, he already lacked focus, please explain to me how a cell phone (which weren't allowed at school back in the day) was going to help?

Anyway... I've been really wanting an mp3 player for a while now so that I can listen to music when I run. #91 got an iPod two years ago so I'm right on schedule to get one too, no? Do I really need one? No. We have cd players all over the house. My car plays cd's, the boom box in the garage plays cd's, the streo in the living room, the portable cd player... My new alarm clock even plays cd's, a nice feature if I ever bothered to put one in there... After doing some research I found out what a wide range of choices there are now compared to two years ago. I really didn't want an iPod, it just seemed like a hassle converting files to iTunes, etc. etc. I was comfortable with Windows Media and just preferred to stick with that. I wanted to spend close to $100, get something small that would hold 500 songs and wasn't complicated! I finally went with the SanDisk m250( ) It is 2GB (capacity to store about 480 songs) and cost $109 at Circuit City. And the best part? It is tiny! The bad part? I have to keep an eye on my kids because I already caught them once treating it like came out of a Happy Meal or something. It actually does look like it came out of a Happy Meal.

So, I'm learning all kinds of new things like forming a partnership between my computer and my SanDisk, creating sync lists and synchronizing files. Oh, and it sounds pretty good too! Rock on.

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