Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh, One of those days

Okay, so today is Thursday, April 7th 2006, right?

This morning when I went through my son's WPRF (work-progress-report-folder?) whatever, the packet thingy with his work from last week and progress report from his teacher that I sign and send back with him? Anyway, in it was a flyer about the upcoming Open House on Thursday April 7th and that this year they are also having a BBQ, blah blah blah, please pre-order food for your family if you will be eating, blah blah blah. Now, around here and as long as any of my kids have been in school, even in different districts, Open House is always on a Thursday night. Without fail, always. So of course with my pre-morning coffee brain churning away, I thought "oh great, Open House is tonight and I'm just finding out now?" Ugh, both kids have soccer practice (at two seperate fields) 45 minutes away from their school at the same time as the open house, what am I going to do? They have been rained out for two strait weeks and I can't possibly call their coaches and tell them they can't make it to practice... So, I wake up the kids and I'm ask them why they didn't tell me that they had an open house at school tonight. They both stared at me blankly and said in unison "I didn't know we had open house tonight." To which I tell them that the paper says you have Open House April 7th, and today is April 7th. "Oh." They both reply.

So, fast forward two hours. I'm at work and I plug my phone in to charge the battery and noticed that I had 2 missed calls at 8:30 (must have been driving and didn't hear it, damn radio) from someone with blocked ID, but no message. I didn't think much of it, because, well, leave a message dammit I'm not psychic! But all morning I kept thinking today was the 7th. I entered journal entries as 4/7, I filled out a deposit slip dated April 7th, I even wrote checks dated, well you get the idea, April 7th. Regarding the Open House situation, I finally decided that I would convince hubby to somehow pick up both kids from soccer, and close his office (located 30 minutes farther north than the practice fields) and give his nephew (who works for him) a ride home, because I had to attend Open House. That would be the plan, that and explain to him why I'm just telling him this today and why didn't I know sooner. All of which are good questions, why didn't I know sooner? Am I really that bad at going through the kids school work and news letters? God, I suck. I was not looking forward to that phone conversation. So, I'm sitting at my desk just dreading the whole rest of my day and cursing everything and everyone (while blissfully ignorant that I was shooting out erroneous April 7ths everywhere) when my cell phone rings it's "blocked id" ringtone. I almost didn't want to answer it in fear that whoever was calling might get an earful of my pent up frustration. I answered the phone and it was Woody . Our conversation went something like this:

me: "hello?:
him: "mommy?"
me: "yea..." (thinking of all the wild, crazy conclusions you jump to when one of your kids calls you from school)
him: "mommy?"
me: "yes!"
him: "um, Open House isn't tonight, it's on April 27th."
me: silence
him: "mommy?
me: "yea, I'm here. Um, well that makes more sense then doesn't it?"
him: "yea, well I just wanted to let you know."
me: "um, did you call this morning?"
him: "yea, I tried to call you but you didn't answer."
me: (my heart swelling with love for his thoughtfulness) "well, thanks for calling me. I love you."
him: "okay (obviously in front of some other kids who would tease him mercifully for saying 'i love you' back) um, bye."

I immediately looked at the calendar, and sure enough, today is Thursday, April 6th.

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The Great Sparlini said...

Stumbled upon your blog. I like it! Mom blogs are fun for me since I am one. Anyway, see you are up in NorCal. I am on the central coast but have a good friend in SJ so I can picture some of these stories very well. You seem like someone my friend and I would get along with very well and have a great time doing it. I will keep reading! I have your blog bookmarked.