Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring Break Highlights

Spring Break is over, kids are back in school and I'm back at work. Some highlights from the week include:

Monday 4/17 - went to the Sharks last regular season home game. They lost miserably. I felt bad for the kids and my son's friend, but they are in the playoffs and that is all that counts!!

Tuesday 4/18 - Got up ridiculously early to get to HP Pavillion and get in line for playoff tickets. Woody, Woody's friend and I each got a wrist band. They would give them to kids if they showed that they had cash to purchase tickets. At 9:30 or so they gathered the crowd and asked Buzz to draw a number out of a paper bag for where the line would start. He picked 1239. We had #'s 1267, 1271 & 1278. So, I thought we were in great shape! Woody's number was the only one that was able to make it to the ticket counter before they sold out. He was only able to buy two tickets.

Wednesday 4/19 - The kids worked on homework projects. Woody had to write a book and Buzz had to make a dinosaur out of recycled items. I cleaned the garage and made sure they were working

Thursday 4/20 - Worked more on homework projects, went out to get Woody's hair cut and on the way home the car broke down. The engine just turned off like I was out of gas. We walked the rest of the way home...

Friday 4/21 - Hubby's friend came by and was able to fix the car. It was a fuse. A tiny fuse, the size if my thumb nail ( and not much thicker). This little thing controls the gas gage, fuel pump and who knows what else... Watched the Sharks lose game one of the Stanley cup playoffs.

Saturday 4/22 - Buzz finally had a soccer game!! Their team won and he scored 3 goals. Woody also had a game, they did very well and won their game too!

Sunday 4/23 - Watched the Sharks win game 2 to tie up the series at 1 game each. Next game Tuesday night at HP Pavillion. Still trying to get another ticket...

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