Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sharks Clinch!

Yes, there were some wild screams coming from my house last night as we (the slightly obsessed family) watched our Sharks clinch a playoff spot by beating the Vancouver Canucks 5-4 in overtime! What a great game. We have been watching these guys fight back all season as they dug themselves a huge hole early in the season when they lost 10 games in a row while other teams were earning points left and right. Of course hubby is excited because this means extra games for him to work at and those playoff crowds spend big bucks!! (Hubby bartends in the "club" at HP Pavillion for all home games) The kids, one of their friends and I have tickets for the last regular season game on Monday night versus Los Angeles. I just found out that playoff tickets go on sale the next morning at 10 am. The kids have spring break next week and I have the week off to spend with them so it looks like we will be down there at the ticket office bright and early Tuesdsay morning to try and get tickets!!! Wish us luck! I know a lot of people will be trying to be getting tickets, the announcement said they are going to be issuing numbered wristbands, so we have to be very fortunate to even get the opportunity to buy tickets.

In other news it is still raining. There seems to be a little break today, but all the forcasts say another storm is due to hit tonight and tomorrow. Which means that the soccer games are questionable for this weekend. Woody is supposed to have a game in San Francisco at the polo fields in Golden Gate Park and Buzz is still waiting to have his first game at one of the local fields. Both have practice tonight and the Sharks play again tonight (at home) which means I have to pick up both boys from practice. Guess we're eating out tonight!

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