Monday, August 28, 2006

First Day of School Bios

Name: "Buzz"
Age: 8 (in 22 days)
Grade: 3
Today's outfit: maroon & black basketball shorts, black "take your hands off the controller and no one gets hurt" tee, red & black track jacket and black "turf "shoes
Breakfast Food: two toasted Eggo waffles, syrup and strawberry/kiwi Hi C cooler.
Contents In Back Pack: none (we always wait for "the list" from the teacher so we know what to buy)
Goals For The 06/07 School Year: 1. To not lose any outerwear (sweatshirts, hats or jackets) 2. To not forget to bring homework material home 3. To get my mom to drop me off on time so I don't have to many tardies To be better organized.
Most Exciting Thing About The First Day of School: "It is also the first day of soccer practice!"
Hardest Thing About The First Day of School: "Not being able to sleep last night because I was so excited!"

Name: "Woody"
Age: 11 (for the record: 2 years away from being a teen and 5 years away from getting a driver's license)
Grade: "6th baby, oh yeah!"
Today's Outfit: Black "Jordan" tee-shirt, black & red basketball shorts and black "my mom almost peed when she found out how much her aunt paid for them" Nike (some fancy name) running shoes.
Breakfast Food: "I usually skip breakfast but my brother's waffles smelled good so I had some too and a glass of juice."
Contents in Back Pack: Hmmm... I really should have checked (note to self: check tomorrow).
Goals for 06/07 School Year: 1. To get back on the honor roll. 2. To not get in any trouble (even though if I do it absolutely won't be my fault. I swear.) 3. To finally get to go on the "good" field trips. 4. To be and to walk to school if my mom doesn't start dropping me off on time every day!
Most Exciting Thing About The First Day of School: "To see everyone again. To show them my shoes (I didn't know how much they were and she wanted to buy them for me!) and to check out the girls see who is in my class."
Hardest Thing About The First Day of School: "Waking up at this ungodly hour and having to pose for 'first day of school" pictures, again. When does that stop anyway? When I'm in college? Enough already...we're late!"


Nicole said...

Very handsome boys!

I remember the first day of school and being excited and picking out my outfit the night before. AHH, if only that feeling lasted throughout the years.

Pendullum said...

I cried at the FACTS!!! Geez...

Pickalish said...

I'm gonna add you to my blogroll, if you don't mind. Thanks for being such a loyal commenter....I'll try to be better about stopping by here. And, I change my background every time I find something I think I'll like better.....I never do, it always ends up back at square one...thanks for noticing!

Crazy MomCat said...

I finally got around to updating my blogroll as well, and of course you're on it.

I loved this bio idea and your boys are too cute.

Also, DAMN...if that's your house your landscaping is AWESOME girl!

Bonnie B said...

Don't tell me you are late too? Why does school have to be just before Little Einsteins? My 2-year-old freaks out because she knows it's coming on and she is going to miss it-- and so we are late because I have to extricate her from the floor (her hands have grippers)

Bonnie B said...

That landscaping is awesome. I have a begonia border too, but I think yours is better

onetallmomma said...

*dancing a little dance* One more week until my kids go back to school....Yippee!

I loved your post. And what a great idea. I don't know if I would be organized enough to remember to take pics!

Zephra said...

I figured you would be like me and have em at school early just to get em out of the house. Just me huh?

Valerie said...

Aww your boys are very handsome. I hope the first day of school went well.

Jen said...

Great pics and great bios!! But you tell Woody that he should be lucky all he gets is a photo. My mom used to get out the video camera at breakfast and interview my brother and I about what we were eating, what grade we were in and who our teacher was awful!! And watching the videos now is SOOO painful!

Babaloo said...

Nicole- Thank you. That is a nice compliment coming from someone with such little cuties of her own!

Pendullum- Huh? Was it the waffles? Next time I'll have them eat cereal.

Pickalish- That is so cool! I am honored, thank you. I'll add you to mine too. I like that you change your background, it keeps things fresh!

CM- Thank you. Thank you. And? Thank you! I wish I could take credit. It is a team effort. I just do the watering and occasional weeding.

Bonnie- Yes I am so guilty of getting them to school late. But I do have a two day "on time" streak going so far this year!

Onetallmama- I don't know about being organized. I just put the camera out by the front door the night before so I wouldn't forget!

Zephra - I so would have done that too, but I had to go to work after dropping them off and was in no hurry for that.

Valerie- School went well, thanks!

Jen- Oh ouch! I'll be sure and tell him how lucky he is!

Jennifer said...


This is so fun. The first day of school has always felt like the *real* New Year's day to me.

Wendy said...

I am so glad my kids take the bus, since that means they get to school on time, and if they don't, it's not my fault. The downside is that the older kids are on the bus for an hour each way. Ok, so that's a downside for them, but not really for me.

Bonnie B said...

I may have been late today. I'm not sure. The babies were in their PJs so I kind of slowed down and threw Maggie off at the curb-- It was 8:21. If her class starts at 8:20, she was late, but if it starts at 8:30 like it did in 1st grade-- we were early! Truth be told I know she needs to be there before the secretary calls me at 9. Thus far I have no idea when class starts. I'm asking tomorrow though:)

Babaloo said...

Jennifer- That is a great comparison!

Wendy- An hour each way? That must really suck for them!

Bonnie- My kids' school really decided to mess with me and changed the start time from 8:15 to 8:10. We've been at this school for four years. Why now? Why me? Arrgghh!

Jodi said...

TOOOOOOO CUTE! I mean handsome. No, I mean cute. Very cute. It's amazing how you were able to crawl into your kids heads like that. :)

Babaloo said...

Jodi!!! Ha! You are to kind. You must be busy... I miss your A.T.S.T updates! BTW, did you have enough school supplies for the boys? Hee, hee.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Such cute boys, funny how you gave each a profile. School started early by you.