Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Blurbs

1. One part Rose's Blue Rasberry Mix + one (or so) part vodka = one sweet tasting blue rasberry martini (shaken, not stirred). Recommended highly for Saturday nights after spending all day outside watching soccer.

2. Thank you very much to our "friendly league rival" team for inviting Woody and his teammate Jordan to play with them as guest players for their tournament. They had a fabulous time, especially Woody who, normally a keeper, doesn't get much playing time out in the field. Your parents are extremely gracious and I hope Jordan's mom and I didn't do to much damage with our loud cheering!

3. That (loud cheering) was just a preview for what you can expect when our teams play each other in October!

4. Oh and a special "thank-you-shout-out" going to Buzz's coach for deciding to hold practice on Mondays and Wednesdays this season (instead of the old Tuesday/Thursday schedule) because it fits in nicely with Woody's Tuesday/Thursday/Friday practice schedule. Yes, you read that right, soccer everyday through mid-November.

5. I'd better stock up on the Rose's Mix and vodka. Do they sell it in bulk?

6. Is it wrong to be secretly happy that of seven brothers in the family, my husband and one other brother are the only ones not going bald? Ha! Well, maybe if you knew some of my sister-in-laws you'd be more happy for me.

7. Like the one who was visibly PISSED when we bought a new car a few years ago. Oh, wait. Her husband is the other brother not losing his hair. Nevermind. We can't really afford a new car right now, but it might be worth it just to see that look on her face again!

8. Speaking of family...Hubby leaves today for Mexico to go visit his mom. She normally comes to stay with us once or twice a year but she had to cancel her plans twice this summer due to health problems. She suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritus. I really hope she is going to be okay.

9. I so much love and admire this woman. She gave birth to 13 children (and knows all their names), how can you not admire that?

10. Seen on a t-shirt of a student (on the same campus my boys attend) on the first day of school: "Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver." I wasn't sure whether I should be scared or merely amused.

11. I am the world's biggest hypocrite! Is there a "hypocrite" button I can post on my blog? I have no principals or values. Uggh! I did it kind of as one of those "wouldn't it be funny if..." things that you just laugh about but don't actually do. Then? I went ahead and did it. If you want to know what "it" was, send me an e-mail, cuz no way I'm gonna post it here!

12. No plans for Labor Day. Hubby will be gone, so I guess it is the perfect opportunity to check some stuff off the old "to do" list. But? Who knows how I'm going to feel come this weekend. I haven't checked my calendar, but I may be in "slug mode" for the next week or so.

That is all! :-)


Pickalish said...

My hubby's mom is from a family of 13.....and so was my ex's. Weird. And no, I cannot, as the mom of only one child imagine that. Seriously. Mental illness is the first thing that pops into my head. 13 kids? You GOTTA be outta your mind!

Jen said...

What did you do!?

I'm a fan of Rose's too...but I like their cranberry cosmo mix! My mom's making them for her and I at our Labor Day picnic Saturday..can't wait! YUMMY!!

Babaloo said...

Pickalish- yeah, I know. Crazy right? I couldn't handle that many people depending on me. And? I would have numbered them instead of naming them.

Jen- I'll send you an e-mail later. You, of anyone, will probably laugh the most and give me the hardest time.

Kristen said...

I would hit up BJ's for bulk booze, lol. And that T-shirt is awesome (silence is golden) I HAVE to find it!

Zephra said...

I am sending an e mail to yu tomorrow cause I have to know what IT is. If I forgot to send one please remind me...I forget a lot.

Valerie said...

Hee hee you know I must find out what you did! email me girly!

Bonnie B said...

You tease. I need to know......
Soccer every night-- are you NUTS! I have gymnastics twice a week and feel overextended. Way to go girl! My martini glass is raised to you.

Nicole said...

Ah, the things to look forward to, soccer 5 days per week. At least you won't be bored!

I'd love to know the hypocrite story! Maybe it will make me feel better about some of the things I do.

Babaloo said...

Valerie/Bonnie/Nicole -
I sent you all e-mails.

Zephra- I asked Valerie to forward to you the one I sent her... I couldn't find your e/m address

Jennifer said...

I am in slug mode myself. Unintentionally, really. But why fight it?

Wendy said...

I have an SIL that gets pissed when we buy something too. I should rent some type of extremely expensive car next time she comes to town.