Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Blurbs

1. Yes, this is a blatant rip off of the already established "Thursday Thirteen" that you see on some of you favorite blogs. Oh, you've never heard of it? Umm, then nevermind. However, if any one is offended please send me to blogging jail or whatever it is they do to people that steal borrow from other blogs.

2. If you are not offended by stealing borrowing ideas from other blogs then you won't be offended that I stole borrowed this cartoon from the internet, so that I could share it with you (enjoy).

3. Starting this weekend, all weekends thru November 19th will be scheduled around a minimum of 2 soccer games and for those really special weekends, let's squeeze in 5 games... just for the heck of it.

4. Oh, and for those "special weekends" when there will be 5 games? Let's make sure I have snack duty for at least two of those games, that hubby will be working both of those days, is unable to help me get two kids to two different games which start at exactly the same time and that at least one of the games is really, really, really far away.

5. My grandfather is turning 90 in October. Awhile ago my aunt asked me to join her for a few days in Hawaii (where he lives) to celebrate his birthday. By myself. No kids. HAWAII. Let me re-cap that. 4 days-Hawaii-no kids. I told her I'd think about it (I'm so there).

6. Some alternate titles for this post, which I'm considering to be a regular feature in addition to my "Most Quotable Fridays": a) Thursday Buffet b) Thursday Offerings c) Thursday Pick-It (pick one and leave a comment, uh please?) d) Thursday 's Week in Review e) Thursday's Blog Filler

7. I finally saw#91's new place! It is nice. A newer condominium complex that he shares with one other guy. I think his bedroom is bigger than mine. Somehow, I don't think that is fair. On second thought, he doesn't have any furniture in there besides his bed, so I guess it isn't that big after all. He is babysitting his brothers this week (Woody and Buzz).

8. Drama is creating lots of drama for herself. I won't go into detail but knowing her as I do, this is part of her pattern. She is not putting her health or the baby's health in danger, but she seems to be demanding a lot of attention. If I sit back and resist the urge to "rescue" the situation will resolve itself. But, yes, I worry.

9. I am on vacation next week. The last week before the kids start school. We will mostly be staying in town (because in addition to the multiple games per weekend, there is also 4 days/week practices). Monday, however (no practice) I promised the kids I'd take them and a guest (to make an even 4) to Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, CA. Buzz was in a stoller the last time we were there. It should be fun. Other planned activities include, school shopping, bowling, maybe a movie and ice skating at Logitech Ice. This is the same building where the Sharks train so (maybe if we're lucky) we'll be able to get a glimpse.

10. Speaking of hockey. We saw the funniest thing yesterday! We were looking for a new stick for Buzz and in the store was a life size poster of Joe Thornton. However, the picture was from when he played for the Boston Bruins so someone from the store took a pair of Sharks' colored hockey socks and a Sharks' jersey and positioned them strategically on the poster to "replace" the Boston uniform. I wish I had my camera.

11. Hubby still hasn't told me that, a) he found my blog b) he reads it semi-regularly and c) I'm not going to be mad when he does tell me. If he doesn't fess up soon, I'm going to start telling embarassing stories about him (which may or may not be true). Hint: Remember how I got you to smile in our wedding picture? Cuz, I'm sure the internet is dying to know...

12. OMG! Only 11 days (here) until SCHOOL STARTS!

13. (because let's make it exactly like the "Thursday Thirteen" idea that I stole borrowed) Bonnie B., if you are back in town and checking in, please see the Bonnie Made Me Do It Post, because, well it was dedicated to you (and your mom).

That is all!


Valerie said...

I have to know what did you do to make him smile in your wedding picture? come on you know you want to tell me.

Wendy said...

I "accidentally" forgot soccer sign-ups. I'm not really all that devestated, as I'm still scarred by the year I had one kid doing travel soccer, one doing regular soccer, and I was coaching another one's team.

Jennifer said...

You know there are thousands of Thursday Thirteeners, don't you? I'm not "official" about it in the linkage to the site, buttons, etc., but it's nice to be part of the whole phenom. Did you know the "thursday thirteen" tag is one of technorati's hottest EVERY WEEK? It's really grown.

Besides which, it's a fabulous dumping ground for all the small things that add up but aren't post worthy on their own merits.

So, yay, for you!

And yes. Do tell about the smile trick!!

Jen said...

I dont want to know what made him smile in your wedding picture!! LOL!! Also..I wouldn't call it Thursday Pick-It..unless you're going to include a pic of a little kid with their finger up their nose! EWW!

Nicole said...

I wish school was starting in 11 days. I long for the structure of the school year, especially since both kids will be in school part of the week! Enjoy your week off!

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

What an update, you are not going to confront your husband?

Zephra said...

Vacation with the kids=no vacation at all.

I am a seme usual TT but I think I like your idea. Change is good. Thanks for still checking in on me while I have my net break. You always left a comment and I really appreciate that.

Babaloo said...

Val- Shhh!

Wendy- yeah, it's crazy. I've got one in competitive (travel) and one in rec. The one in comp has league games Saturdays and Sundays.

Jennifer- good to know! I agree about all the small things that aren't really worthy of a whole post. That's why I like the TT too.

Jen- Okay, I won't name it that...thanks for the mental image though!

Nicole- school can't start soon enough and thanks!

SW/FM - No, I'm not going to confront him. It is more like a stand off, I know he knows and probably he knows that I know that he knows. The blog was never meant to be a secret from him. I don't keep things (that I post on the blog) from I'm not mad that he reads it.

Zephra- thank you, I love checking in with you. and? I work full-time so, vacation with the kids does equal vacation for me...but I know what you mean. ;-)

Bonnie B said...

I love this idea-- and I'm reading my way down the blog-- I have so much to catch up on!

So what did you do to get your hubby to smile? It is not fair to tease like that!