Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Restored Balance

Woody got back safe and sound last night. And suddenly out of nowhere, balance was restored. I didn't really realize how much I missed him (how much we all missed him) until he was back in our home. And? He brought gifts!

As I retired to my room to finish folding the last of the weekend laundry I listened to the familiar sounds. The joy in my younger son's laughter as the two of them played one of their made up games. The lift in his voice as he peppered his older brother with questions and the excitement he gathered when updating him on the latest round of the Disney Channel Games.

As I sorted the socks I resisted the urge to turn on the T.V. and opted instead to let myself be entertained by the giggles, the whizzing sound of a flying hackey sac and the thud it made upon contact. The dog was barking, trying to get in on the game and his paws were making the rapid clicking noise on the tile floor as he ran between the boys. I heard my husband speaking to them, his deep voice vibrating down the hallway. At one point he offered $5 to anyone who could catch one of the flies that had infiltrated our living room while the front door was open. This set off another rush of sounds and peels of laughter as their bodies moved around to face the challenge.

"Enjoy it while it lasts," I thought to myself, smiling. "For tomorrow the battles will commence." Yes, tonight they rejoice, but tomorrow the rivalry will resume, the feelings will be bruised and the mind games will be picked up where they left off.

The last pair of socks was folded and placed neatly in my husband's top drawer as I let out a deep sigh. It was getting late and I looked around for something else to tidy up or otherwise occupy a few more minutes before I would have to end the evening and send everyone to bed.

A little while later the house was quiet. The kids were in their beds, Nico was happily in his spot under Woody's bed and there would be no late night sneaking in my room to sleep with us. His nighttime companion was home and I could sense his happiness and feelings of security.

As hubby and I settled down to go to sleep I could physically feel the restored balance and I was momentarily content. I closed my eyes, but something in the back of my mind wouldn't let me take that final step into unconsciousness. I just had to know something.



"I was just wondering. That fly catching thing? Is that retro-active? Cuz, I'm a little short on cash."


Nicole said...

I love to listen to my little ones playing together and conspiring. I stand in the adjacent room and listen to the fun they are having together. It's happening more and more. But, you're right. It doesn't last. Eventually, I, too, have to go be the referee.

Wendy said...

That first night of having kids back is always the best.

Jodi said...

Well, I would love to have my kids leave for a few days so that I could appreciate having them back! :) (hehehehehhe)

Glad all is well in your house with the offspring.

Bonnie B said...

Does the fly catching thing work long distance because I squished two this morning and I'd really like to go out to lunch.

Love the sounds our kids make-- except when they are whining, fighting, crying and sulking. But summer is almost over and they'll be too busy for any of that -- and then I'll miss them like crazy.