Monday, April 19, 2010

Boyle Gets GWG...

... In his own net.

There can not be a worse feeling than that. Maybe only if it was a series ending game. Poor Sharks, poor Nabby and poor Danny Boyle. That one broke my heart. A 0-0 overtime game and the only goal of the night is an own goal.

There are some positives, no matter what the naysayers write or say. Of which I haven't read or listened to yet. I'm just sure they are out there writing there spew about the Sharks not showing up in the playoffs. They are wrong of course. The Sharks are very much in this series. They are playing well. They are playing "playoff" hockey. They haven't shut down as in years past. They, right now, are on the receiving end of some really bad bounces. This is why you play 7 games. Bounces cannot be going Colorado's way for all 7 games.

Sharks out shot the Avs, again, by a huge margin. I haven't checked the numbers but they were in to the 50's while the Avs were at 20-something. This is huge. This is Sharks hockey. Sooner or later those shots have to start finding the back of the net. Anderson is coming up huge, but he can't stop the rush and flurry of shots at this pace for a 7 game series. Also, Marleau will start making his presence known very soon. Maybe just when the Avs start counting him out. I'm not sure what happened to Heatly... We were guessing he got hurt in practice? He was in on the last shift of the last game... so what happened between then and now?

As for Boyle, Blake and Pickles contributing own goals? They'll get over it. Boyle will beat himself up for that one last night... but he'll be okay.

On to Tuesday for Game 4.

Go Sharks!