Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is It Wednesday Yet?


And since it isn't Wednesday yet, I have to be exposed to this kind of dribble...

Dump that teal sweater with a shark chomping a hockey stick. That mean image doesn't fit the joke that San Jose becomes when the games really matter.
Wouldn't it be more appropriate if San Jose star Joe Thornton took the ice against Colorado while wearing an orange-and-white uniform featuring a cuddly cartoon from "Finding Nemo" as the team logo?
Ladies and gentlemen, please hold your applause and try to refrain from laughter until the next flop from San Jose is complete. When the NHL does spring cleaning, the first chore is to flush the Sharks.
-Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post

Gah. This is exactly what I was talking about yesterday. There is a consolation in this case, however, as it seems that this Kiszla isn't very respected in Denver. Here is one commentor's words:

"As an Avs fan who has read the Denver Post for years: Kiszla is an absolute hack. As one of the commentators put it above, he’s a professional troll. All he’s written on the Avs all season is doom, gloom and been, well a troll. Pretty much every Avs fan can’t stand him."

Oh, well in that case. Game on!

If I close my eyes and concentrate really hard, will it be Wednesday when I open them again?