Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sharks Win Game 4!

And it was a nailbiter.

Dan Boyle scored in the first two minutes of the game to wipe off the slate from game 3 when he knocked it in his own net in overtime to give the Sharks the loss and put them down in the series 2-1. Last night though they played like the puck has never given them a bad bounce in their life. They played with confidence and did what they needed to do. I'm liking the look and feel of the way they are playing right now.

With the game tied up at 1 at the end of regulation we headed into yet another overtime game. Ten minutes into the OT our resident playoff hero, Joe Pavelski got the GWG off of a deflected pass from Doug Murray. Murray wasn't even trying to pass it. He was actually trying to dump it into the corner but if deflected off of an Avalance stick, plopped right in front of Pavelski who took no time at all to whip it to the net, right over the left shoulder and glove of Anderson. Game over!

Back home tomorrow for Game 5. I think if they keep grinding and dictating the play they should be able to pull this series off. By now they, and everyone else, should know it won't be easy. But like I mentioned above, I like the way they are playing. They aren't playing scared, intimidated hockey like they have in the past. They are actually playing step-it-up a notch playoff hockey. It is good to see. Very good.

I'm just not sure how much more I can take. I guess I have to resolve that the rest of the series and each impending series after this will be more of the same.

Oh boy. Better stock up on the wine. I think I need to start meditating as well.

Go Sharks!