Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting Ready For Game 4

There was a hilarious post on SB Nation about breaking the playoff curse that has haunted the Sharks and has seemingly shown its presence in this year's playoffs as well.

The writer, Meg, actually researched curses and how to break them:

Step 1: Happy Loving Thoughts
Step 2: Random Acts of Kindness
Step 3: Trust and Faith in your Ability to Deal with Whatever Comes Along


"The experts in supernatural warfare over at ghostinvestigator.tripod.com have a detailed explanation of how to banish evil spirits. Apparently there's a recipe that goes along with it, which completely surprised me. See? This is why you do research, folks. Here is the recipe:"
1 tablespoon powdered garlic
1 tablespoon peppermint
1 tablespoon ground clove
1 tablespoon dried/powdered thistle
Handful or two sweet grass, sage, or dried oak leaves

"That all seems perfectly reasonable to me. I quickly assembled my ingredients:

Garlic powder and ground cloves were easy to find. My Italian seasoning has dried sage in it, so that's another check. I didn't have any thistle, which is apparently some sort of weed, so I went outside and picked a dandelion and some other miscellaneous weed things. I'm sure the spirits will appreciate my effort. The peppermint was the toughest part, so I settled on a piece of Trident gum - this way it has the added effect of protecting the Sharks' teeth."

OMG! I couldn't stop laughing.

So, I want to play too. At least for part 1:

1. Happy, Loving Thoughts - Chris Pronger is the most handsome, virile man who's hockey prowess is legendary. He is the most amazing defensive force in all of hockey. I have been in denial all these years. It feels so good to let this go and admit the truth.
(happy, loving thoughts - check!)

2.Random Acts of Kindness - I changed the toilet paper roll in the kids bathroom and hung up both towels that were on the ground. I also picked up all of Alex's dirty soccer stuff from the garage floor and put it in the laundry. I WILL NOT yell or lecture them about these things when they come home from school. (Random acts of kindness - check)

3.Trust and Faith in your Ability to Deal with Whatever Comes Along - I will wake up tomorrow morning, after whatever outcome of game 4 comes my way, and live a full and productive day. I will make a checklist of productive things to do and check everything off of it. (Trust and Faith - check).

Exactly what I needed.

Lift the curse boys. This is your time. This is your moment. Go take it.

Go Sharks!