Friday, April 02, 2010

Notes From An Animal Rescue

*Monday I let Nico outside in the backyard and much to my surprise there was a little yorkie out there as cute as can be. Didn’t know where she came from or how she got there. We bonded immediately. She was the sweetest little thing! Nico was happy to have a playmate. The kids liked her. Juan was irritated. LOL!
*I walked around the neighborhood trying to find her owners. Someone told me she belonged to the guys working on the house right behind us. No one was there, so I put her in their back yard.
Two hours later I looked outside and there she was! Right back where I found her in the back yard. Did she drop from the sky? How did she get back here? I walked around the entire yard looking for gaps or loose boards. I couldn’t find anything.
*I took her back a little bit later and talked to two guys working on the house… they said it wasn’t their dog… they were just working there.
*The next day I took her to the animal clinic to get scanned for a microchip. Success! She was chipped.
*But, then? It turned out the owners of the dog never registered with the service (Pet Finder). So, we contacted the company who implanted the chip and they traced the dog back to a breeder in Los Banos, CA. However, the breeder was no longer in business and had no forwarding phone number. All we had was the chip number, the breeder’s file number for her and her date of birth.
*She was born on November 30th, 2005. She is just a year younger than Nico (Dec 2004).
So, I posted an ad on Craigslist. Got a few responses, but none were the owner of this dog.
The next day I put up flyers around the neighborhood. Around 3 or 4 o’clock I got a call from a kid saying that he thought I had his dog. Only he couldn’t tell me if she was a male or female. I heard someone in the background saying “tell her it’s a male.” I told him it shouldn’t be a tough question to answer if it was really his dog… idiot. Really? You’re going to call me up and try and tell me this is your dog? Ugh.
*Then another call. This one from a teenage girl who told me she had lost her female yorkie and could she come see her. So, she came over and said that it was her dog. There was something not very trustworthy about her so I asked to speak with her mother or father. She walked off (we were outside in my driveway) and made a phone call. She walked back and said her mother was on the phone and that her name was Stephanie. I talked to Stephanie (right away she sounded like she was 17 and not the mom of a 17/18 year-old). She said that it was their dog so I asked if she could come over in person and that I didn’t feel comfortable giving it to the daughter.
*I left to take Alex to practice and when I came back “Stephanie” called me and said she was sending her older daughter to come get the dog that she was busy at home w/ a newborn. Me, still being suspicious (Juan didn’t believe a word out of the girl’s mouth when she was at the house) told her I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving them the dog w/o meeting her. Then the girl got back on the phone and started giving me a hard time saying “how would you feel if someone had your dog and wouldn’t give it back?”
*I told her to bring her mom over and I’d give her the dog. That I was just looking after the dog and I wanted to make sure she went back to the right people.
*Meanwhile I got a slew of calls from people who got my number from the animal clinic. Really concerned people trying to find their lost dogs. One woman told me she lost her male yorkie and did I have him. I apologized and told her “no,” that the one I found was a female. She responded “Oh, are you sure?” Um? Another woman lost her female yorkie not to far from my neighborhood, but hers was only two years old, was chipped AND was registered… so unfortunately not a match either.
*I told Juan “I’m going to be pissed if it turns out this girl is the real owner of this dog.” I wish she belonged to one of the other people that had been calling and responding to the Craigslist ad.
Anyway, I took her and Nico out on a walk and when we got back to the house the girl (I never got her name, Alex knew the girl that came with her the first time and she said they were sisters, turned out to not be true which was one of the reasons I didn’t trust her) was back with her mom.
*We (Juan and I) talked to the mom for a while and she convinced us that the dog belonged to them so I felt comfortable giving her the dog. But Juan asked her if she had spoken to me on the phone before and she seemed puzzled. She said, no, that she hadn’t talked to me on the phone, why? So we told her that her daughter had put someone on the phone saying she was Stephanie. And that also she had been here earlier with another girl she said was her sister. She seemed really put off and upset over the lies her daughter had told us.
*Anyway, long story short, I gave her the dog but I still wish it was somebody else that seemed more concerned about their dog.
*Now I am “retired” from the animal rescue business. This is our 4th or 5th stray animal that we have found at our house. I even found a turtle once in my rose bushes. Why do they end up at my house?
*I have a feeling she’ll get out again. And when she does I’m sure I’ll find her again in my back yard. Maybe next time I’ll keep her. I am retired after all. And? She really was sweet.