Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Calm Down Mother"

That's what my 11 year-old son said to me during last night's game. It was just after Colorado scored (25 seconds after we had just tied it up, again).

"Noooooooooooooooo!!" I screamed as I slapped the ground, slipped off the couch and sat on the floor. "Come on! You can't be serious. OH MY GOD!!"

Okay, maybe I was a little over-exhuberant. Maybe. But that was a roller coaster of a ride last night and I'm just not mentally equipped for that. But apparently my children are. The Sharks had to come from behind 5 times to win last night's game in over-time. Finally I saw some playoff hockey going on. I was so scared they weren't going to show up. But they did. From beginning to end.

Now, today I hear grumblings (from Denver media and bloggers) about bad refereeing. Seriously? Now Blake (their former hero) is a dirty player? Really? Are you kidding me? Get real. This is playoff hockey. Man up or go home. Did the referee put in 6 goals against your team? Did they? Really? Exactly. Shut the %$#% up.

Okay. Now on to tomorrow for Game 3.

So, today Jacob had a game at 12:45. We get there around 12:20 and the parking was blocked off in back of the South rink. I've never seen those signs before, that there is no access during Sharks practice? I guess we are never there during practice, so whatever. I drove as close as I could to the door (next to the East Rink) and dropped him off. I went to park and he went in to the rink to get dressed for the game. He told me later that when he was walking in he saw Patrick Marleau standing outside talking on his phone. "Hey Patty!" he yelled to him and he said that Patty waved back. Coooool!

Go Sharks!