Saturday, May 01, 2010

Game 2 Tomorrow

Starting to feel nervous. I have that bad feeling in my stomach. I shouldn't have watched Versus to see how the other games were going... there is no Shark love there. Only love for Detroit. Then? On the side bar of Fear The Fin (FTF) I saw a fan post that was written about an article in the Mercury that ripped on Patrick Marleau.
Man... I just need to go cold turkey on all the hockey news. I'm to fragile right now.
Poor Patty. I so much want for him to break out and shut everyone up. So far the team as a whole has been able to shut up most of the critics... of course they have only passed the first round and will need to at least make the conference finals to have any legitimate claim that they are a true playoff team. But Patty? Still on everyone's hit list. Heatly has scored his first goal and he was hurt in the first round. Jumbo has been muscling himself around and playing the way people expect him to... But Patty? Everyone has a theory, everyone thinks they can call him out. Everyone is a critic and says he needs to play better if the Sharks hope to win.
I am SO SICK of it.
Please Patty... shut these guys up. You know you want to. You know you can. Please, please, please!!! I can't take it anymore!