Monday, May 10, 2010

Top Ten Reasons the Red Wings Lost Their Round 2 Series

According to their fans and sportswriters...

10. The Sharks didn’t choke like they were supposed to.

9. Penalty Disparity – The Red Wings had WAY more penalties then the Sharks.

8. The NHL hates the Red Wings

7. Everything was set up by Gary Betteman and the NHL to make sure the Wings lost.

6. During the regular season the Wings were the 2nd least penalized team… the Sharks were 23rd. Obviously proving that the penalty calling disparity was a conspiracy against the Wings

5. The Sharks took dives to draw and embellish penalties (ha ha ha! I laugh)

4. Conspiracy against the Wings so Chicago can be the new face of the NHL... “This year’s darling must be Chicago. When you listen to the talk shows, it is Chicago being talked about . More young guns that the league is promoting. Wings must be too old be in the finals every year. You need new blood so you let them get pummeled, and oh gee, they lose.”

3. The winning goal in game 5 came seconds after Johan Franzen was knocked to the ice on an apparent blow to the head by Sharks defenseman Douglas Murray, with no call.

2. Okay, one positive one here (to be fair to the many RW fans who were good sports and saw the series for what it was and not for what the, entitlement-whining-conspiracy-theory-inventing-loony-(wingless)-bird-fans-not-able-to-admit-the-better team-won, made it out to be)… “The Wings were a goal behind and a step behind much of the time, and no, they didn't get many breaks. But they also gave away too many breaks, with turnovers and penalties and mistakes, issues they never could resolve.”

1. What is this "losing in the second round" that you speak of? Have they announced when game 6 is to be played? I don’t see it on the schedule yet. Go Wings! Bring home the Cup!


Babaloo said...

#3 - First of all, that was a shoulder to shoulder hit, look at the replay. Secondly, Murray is not a dirty player and, btw, how did he end up with a bloody nose and lip after the game? Maybe from some of those elbows from Stuart and Franzen... hmm? Last, but not least. If Murray went for Franzen's head, ON PURPOSE, We would be writing out eulogies today or at the very least sending flowers to the San Jose hospital where Franzen was being treated for a concussion. Instead, Franzen was back for his very next shift with more energy then ever.

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