Wednesday, May 05, 2010

To Many Titles To Choose From

But first things first:
Win Tally:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Here were a few titles for this blog post running through my head:
1. To Much Joe for the Joe
2. Patty Makes His Mark
3. Sharks Win in OT, Up 3-0!
4. Overcome
I just couldn't decide. My emotions were all over the place during that game anyway. Actually all day. I really thought they were going to lose. My phantom "aches and pains" had turned real. My chest had felt tight all day. My stomach literally hurt yesterday instead of just figuratively. I couldn't breathe multiple times during the game. I wasn't going to have a glass of wine until the second period (with the 4:30 start time and all)... I made it to 10 minutes into the first.
The team came out flat. My hope was that they could hold it to 0-0 going into the second. It could have been 4-0. If the officials don't wave off that first goal (kicked in) and Zetterburg scores on the penalty shot? I don't even want to think about it. Seto scores in the last seconds (assisted by Pavelski) and suddenly the game changed. I felt it but didn't want to believe it. I still thought the Wings were going to pounce in the second and the Sharks would be looking to re-group for game 4.
And? When they did (scoring their 3rd goal), I just hoped the Sharks could stop the bleeding and not give them the blowout they needed to get their confidence back. I was happy to see the period end with them having only a two goal lead. The third period seemed pretty even. I was just happy the RW's weren't taking it to us. But, before I realized that the Sharks weren't just trying to get out of this game with some dignity but were actually outskating and outplaying the Wings, Jumbo scored his goal. Then it was like "holy crap! We could do this!" There was plenty of time. We could tie it up. We just couldn't convert on the pp like we did the last two games. Ugh! That was so frustrating.
When Couture scored I went insane. There were so many shots before that looked like they went in that I stopped getting excited. I must have stood up ready to celebrate at least 4-5 times. I didn't even see the goal. I saw the shot. I saw Howard go down and I heard Randy screaming "he scored! He scored!" as the red light went on. I couldn't believe it... Amazing! I didn't even think about how demoralized Detroit must have been. I just reveled in the fact that they actually came back. Without the benefit of penalites. It was all 5-5. Take that Detroit Entitlement Whiners.

Even in overtime I would have been happy with the loss. I would have been consoled by the fact that they overcame a two goal deficit. In Detroit. It would have been fine to lose in OT. We could have built on that for game 4. It would have meant a game 5 in San Jose. More money for us. That was my silver lining anyway. Of course, that didn't stop me from holding my breath everytime the puck was anywhere Nabby. He had held off from letting anything by him for just over two periods. Then? My near heart attack, a slow/bad line change by the Sharks giving Detroit a 5 on 3, turned into the most amazing fairy-tale ending ever when the shot from the point missed Nabby, bounced like a superball of the boards... right to the stick of Joe Thornton. Thornton blasts down the ice with Patty on his left, makes a perfect tape to tape pass/shot that finds the back of the net off of Patty's stick.

There wasn't enought oxygen in the room after that. I had to sit down.

Let's re-cap. The Sharks are up 3-0. Patty has shown up. Jumbo has shown up. Rookies are scoring. They are overcoming. They are standing tall. The Doubters/Haters/Entitlement Whiners can all suck it. The Sharks are doing what we all knew they were capable of doing once they came out of those damn Colorado stumbling blocks.

Game on.

Go Sharks!