Tuesday, May 04, 2010

An Open Letter to the Guy(s) Responsible For Throwing A Dead Shark Onto The Ice During Game 2

Dear person or persons responsible -

Really? A dead shark? Don't you think that sends the wrong message? How irresponsible can you possibly be regarding the maintenance of positive mojo, good luck all around "signs" the superstitious among us look for to whether or not our team will succeed or fail?

Ugh! Don't you remember? The last time someone thought it was oh so clever to throw a dead shark on the ice (in 2007 playoffs vs. the Red Wings) our team lost. All the mojo was killed, all the intensity disappeared and all the progress was lost. Gone. Ka-put. Golf anyone?

I don't want to see Todd McClellan out on the golf course. I sure as hell don't want to see anymore of those painful Mercedes Benz commercials. And? I sure as hell don't want to see Detroit in the Conference Finals. That is our spot. This is our time.

How dare you? A dead shark? On the ice? Doesn't that represent, er, the death of the Sharks... on the ice? Doesn't that symbolize the death of our hockey team? Didn't you think this thing out? I know, I know. You got the idea from Red Wings' tradition of throwing octupi on to the ice prior to the game. Right, right. Do you even know the symbolism behind that gesture? Is the octopus their team name? No. Do they throw dead Red Wings (or even Red Wing shoes) on the ice? NO! They. Do. Not. The octopus represented (back in 1952 when there were 2 best of seven series) the 8 games needed to win the Stanley Cup ... um, you know because an octopus has 8 legs.... Get it? It is a now nearly 60 year tradition steeped deep into their history and lore.

How stupid does it make us as a franchise and fan base look to not only mis-represent their tradition, but to also show what completely ignorant hockey fans we are by throwing our own (dead) team mascot onto the ice. We've only been around for 19 years... They are old enough to be our team's grandparent. They know things. They've seen things. They have experience. That move made us look like inexperienced teenagers trying to crash the party with the rest of the adults.

We need to start our own tradition of winning and not try to duplicate the traditions of other teams. Especially one that we are trying to bury. One that we are trying to overcome and in the process exorcise our playoff demons and curses for good. I am so angry with you right now I can't even describe what I would do to you if I met you in person. You my friend(s). Are an IDIOT.

What? The shark had a baby octopus in its mouth?
Oh. Hmmm... Well?
That's different now, isn't it?
Carry on.