Thursday, May 13, 2010

To Much Time On My Hands

Until Sunday.

Chicago looks scary good. They whipped up a very good Vancouver team like nothing. They are so fast it made my eyes spin. I had to look away.

I will need some major distractions in the next few days to take my mind off of worrying about the following:

*The Sharks becoming complacent
*The Sharks coming out slow/sluggish in game 1 and getting whipped
*Losing at home and having the tone set for the series
*Chicago deciding that they really are scary good and come out with quickness and effectiveness without even trying
*Mental Blocks
*Paper becoming Ice ("Chicago looks better on paper")
*Bad bounces
*Byfuglien taunting the crowd
*Sharks retreating into their playoff shell
*Niemi playing out of his head
*Running out of alchohol (went shopping yesterday)
*joining the ranks of the fallen: Caps, Pens, et al
*major chokage
*being upset if they lose and realizing how much of my mental state has been invested in this post-season
*waking up depressed & dejected on Monday morning