Thursday, May 25, 2006

A New Decade

A little over two months to go before I turn the big 4-0. I'm feeling a lot differently toward the big day than I thought I would. Hubby turned 40 four years ago. At the time (me being the ripe age of 35, okay 35 and a half) I remember being glad it wasn't me! Yeah, I was so young and naive back then (snort!).

Now that it is looming closer it just doesn't seem like that big of a deal. I loved my thirties. It was a great time for me. Every year of my thirties seemed to give me more strength and and security in being myself. I definitely loved my thirties more than my twenties. Not that my twenties were bad, I just didn't know how to live my life until I was in my thirties. For sure I loved my twenties more than my teens (better known as the dark ages). My teenage years sucked. I would not go back to any age in my teens for all the money, power, beauty, knowledge, treasure in the world. If some higher being offered me world peace and an end to world hunger in exchange for me becoming a teenager again, my apologies to the world... I just couldn't do it. If I could go back in time and visit my teenage self I would slap her silly and tell her to get over herself. Ugh, she (me) was such a whiner! That Mark Twain quote at the top of my blog? That was me as a teen thinking the world owed me something just because I was born. Can you imagine? Maybe you can. I hope not, but maybe.

So, looking at this trend of loving and enjoying each decade of my life more than the next, why shouldn't I look forward to my forties? I'm sure I'll hit some rough spots what with the whole menopause thing happening with teenagers in the house (I have heard some horror stories from others, trust me!) However, I already raised two teenagers with babies and toddlers in the house, so I should be more than prepared for the next wave of teenagedom to storm through my life, hot flashes and all.

Besides the above mentioned "roughage" I'm sure that my forties will be a great time for me. As the kids grow up I'll have more time to myself, right? I'll have more time alone with hubby (we have a lot of catching up to do). I look forward to more self-awareness, shedding some old skin and dropping some of the old baggage I've been carrying around.

Yes, I am okay with turning 40, bring it on.


Jodi said...

OHHHHH OHHHH, how is your computer? How did you fix it? Did you figure out who's blog got hijacked????? HMMMMMMMM?

Email me and give me all the details, kay?

Oh, and let me know about the 40 thing and how that all works out. I am 36 and freaking about 40. My 30's have been too, but I am FREAKING OUT about the big 4-0. I hope it's as good as you are saying. :) :)

Bonnie B said...

I'm starting to think that 40 isn't quite up there with the dinosaurs-- I have 7 more years to play before I have to officially grow up.
But really-- 40 is sexy-- you're not niave anymore so you can't be fooled, you're financialy secure (perhaps-- if not,you're mature enough to know it all works out eventually) and you're kids if you have them are finally gone more than they are home-- you can start living all those dreams and doing all those things you've always wanted to do.
I can hardly wait for 40-- when I'm 40, my oldest will be 14-- yippee skippee do dah day!!Four more years and she is off to college. OK I'm not there yet, but for a moment I lived the 40 fantasy.

mommy on the verge said...

Are you going to BlogHer? You should! We will get a 40th birthday drink there! I'm going just on Saturday. Husband doesn't know yet!
Let's just say, that because I am turing 40 this year as well, I don't take as much crap as I used to from people. I question them more. If something doesn't make sense, it means that the other person didn't explain it well, its not me. I wish this confidence came at 20!